For far better or worse, sports fans love come debate, deliberate, and also argue amongst themselves. In the civilization of basketball, one of the eternal conversation topics is comparing LeBron James come Michael Jordan. When King James is one of modern basketball’s height talents, how does he ridge up against His Airness?

For countless fans, the deciding aspect is playoff performance and also how each man has done through the championship top top the line. With that in mind, how does LeBron James’ NBA Finals resume compare to Michael Jordan’s?

LeBron James has a sub-.500 document in the NBA Finals

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During his time on the hardwood, LeBron James has developed himself as among the peak talents in modern basketball. He’s encountered some difficulties, however, in the NBA Finals.

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During his 17 year in the association, King James has showed up in 10 championship series; he’s at this time 3-6, pending the result of the 2020 NBA Finals. Unfortunately for LeBron, the record is just one of his critics’ main talking points. In your mind, falling in ~ the critical hurdle isn’t worthy of any kind of special praise.

While girlfriend can conflict the validity of that assessment—while shedding in the finals is still, to part extent, a failure, there’s only so lot one player deserve to do in a series—we do recognize that James, on one individual, concerns play when there’s a location on the line. According to StatMuse, LeBron has actually played 53 career games in the NBA Finals and averaged 28.2 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 7.1 assists per outing. Even if those numbers mostly came in shedding efforts, it’s still an superior body that work.

Michael Jordan went a perfect six-for-six in the NBA Finals

As every pan knows, Michael Jordan overcame the cultural landscape during his time in the NBA. Unfortunately for other players, he also monopolized the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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While it take it MJ and also his Chicago Bulls part time to get rid of the Detroit Pistons, lock ultimately became a dynasty. The club won three right championships in 1991, 1992, and also 1993; after ~ Jordan returned from the baseball diamond, he led the team to an additional three-peat from 1996 v 1998. Those to be his just trips come the NBA Finals; he never lost a series when the cool prize was on the line.

Beyond that perfect 6-0 record, His Airness likewise stuffed the stat sheet. According to StatMuse, Jordan showed up in 35 NBA Finals games, averaging 33.6 points, 6 rebounds, and also six assists per night.

Both LeBron James and Michael Jordan are legendary winners

Michael Jordan weighs in ~ above the