SAN ANTONIO,TX – DECEMBER 18: previous San Antonio spur stars Tim Duncan listens come the speeches throughout the ceremony honoring and retiring of Tim Duncan number after ~ the game against the brand-new Orleans Pelicans at AT

The san Antonio Spurs have made five NBA championship runs throughout their franchise history and featured part deep rosters top top those title teams.

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Since the san Antonio spurs won their very first NBA championship in 1999, the spurs have become the winningest franchise in the NBA.

In two decades the Spurs have actually earned 5 championships in their six NBA Finals appearances, and also have never missed the playoffs throughout that stretch.

Hall of call caliber football player such together Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Kawhi Leonard have actually all played a component in their championship success together with other great role players.

San Antonio spur Head Coach Gregg Popovich and also General Manager R.C. Buford have been the masterminds behind the team’s success, developing a continual winning culture. Even if it is it’s a young Stephen Jackson or Danny Green, or choose up Bruce Bowen in cost-free agency, or drafting Tony Parker and also Manu Ginobili outside of the lottery, the Spurs have been able to build championship groups with names the weren’t extremely sought after.

Looking back at all of the championship teams the Spurs have actually had, one deserve to make a an excellent debate about which team was the best.

Whether that the depth of each team, which superstar was in their prime, or the toughness of the competition, ranking the best San Antonio spur championship team deserve to be judged on plenty of different factors.

As the Spurs right now look to develop a team that can carry home a 6th NBA championship, here is a look in ~ the five finest championship groups from in your franchise history.

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San Antonio spur – MATT CAMPBELL/AFP/Getty Images

5. 1999 san Antonio Spurs

The 1999 san Antonio spurs championship run had a Cinderella feel to it as they defeated the new York Knicks in 5 games to victory their first NBA title.

Veterans such as David Robinson, Mario Elie, Sean Elliot, and also Avery Johnson, to be able to witness the prominence of a young Tim Duncan that took advantage of Patrick Ewing sitting the end for the Knicks.

The 1998-1999 NBA season was among the most bizarre seasons the league had seen as result of the countless headlines it challenged coming right into the year.

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The season would be shortened due to a lockout, Michael Jordan had actually just retired while former Bull Scottie Pippen played because that the Houston Rockets and also Dennis Rodman played because that the Los Angeles Lakers, and Gregg Popovich was on the hot seat only a pair years into his spurs tenure. After ~ a sluggish start come the continual season, the media was speculating if Popovich would finish the season together the Spurs’ head coach.

The decision to keep Coach Popovich not only saved your season, however would conserve the franchise for countless years to come.

During their playoff run ,the Spurs would certainly beat the heavily-favored Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trailblazers before defeating the Knicks, that were the first team in NBA history to make it come the Finals together the eighth seed.

Tim Duncan would obtain the Finals MVP in this collection as he and the spurs franchise officially landed on the championship scene.

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4. 2007 mountain Antonio Spurs

In 2007, the NBA observed the development of LeBron James in the postseason as he would certainly lead the Cleveland Cavaliers come the NBA Finals. His historic performance versus the Detroit Pistons in game 5 that the eastern Conference Finals was one of the finest playoff performances in NBA history.

The 2007 playoffs also featured the “We Believe” gold State warriors run, together the eight particle pulled off an upset over the number-one seeded Dallas Mavericks.

Those 2 moments stick the end the many when people lug up the 2007 NBA playoffs, however the spur were dominant during your championship run. They beat the Nuggets in five games, the Suns in six and also the Jazz in five before sweeping the Cavaliers in the Finals.

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During the 2nd round series against the Phoenix Suns, Amar’e Stoudemire and also Boris Diaw would sit the end an remove game due to entering the court from the bench after ~ a difficult foul committed by Robert Horry on Steve Nash.

Some experts believe the the Suns to be destined because that a title operation in 2007 if it weren’t because that those suspensions.

Despite the conspiracy theories, the spurs were dominant during your playoff run and also relied on Tony Parker’s speed and ability to gain to the paint as he would go on to receive the Finals MVP.

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SAN ANTONIO – JUNE 25: san Antonio spurs players Tim Duncan and Bruce Bowen celebrate with over 300,000 san Antonians the crowded the river Walk in celebration event of the Spurs 3rd NBA Championship in 7 years at san Antonio river Walk on June 25, 2005 in san Antonio, Texas. (Photo by D. Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images)

3. 2005 san Antonio Spurs

The 2004-2005 season observed a power change in the league as result of a few key offseason moves.

Kobe and Shaq break-up up after your NBA Finals loss against the Detroit Pistons as Shaq to be traded come the Miami Heat. Steve Nash would leave the Dallas Mavericks and also sign with the Phoenix Suns, and also the Indiana Pacers would authorize Stephen Jackson making them a threat in the eastern to compete versus the defending champion Pistons.

However, a brawl the took place between the Pacers and Pistons would leave numerous of Indiana’s optimal players suspended because that the entirety year or most of the season.

In the west Conference, Steve Nash would have actually an MVP season and lead the Suns to the finest record in the West.

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The spur were coming turn off a destructive lost in the playoffs come the Lakers the previous year ~ Derek Fisher make a difficult turn approximately jump-shot through four-tenths of a second left to steal video game 5, before finishing the collection in LA in video game 6.

San Antonio would sign veteran Brent Barry in the offseason and additionally pick up Nazr Mohammed in a mid-season trade to help shape up your championship run.

After defeating the Nuggets and also Sonics, the Spurs would certainly defeat the Phoenix Suns in five games in the western Conference Finals to go back to the NBA Championship to confront the defending champion Detroit Pistons.

The an initial four games were blowouts, together the house teams dominated. With the collection being tied in ~ 2-2, and epic video game 5 took location as Robert Horry hit the game-winner to offer the spur a 3-2 lead heading ago to mountain Antonio.

Detroit would certainly bounce ago and knife a surprising game 6 success on the road to force the spurs to close out the series in Detroit in video game 7.

Tim Duncan would get his third Finals MVP compensation in six years.

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The mountain Antonio spur celebrate through the NBA Championship Larry O’Brien trophy after defeating the Miami Heat, 104-87, in game 5 of the NBA Finals at the AT&T facility in san Antonio, Texas, ~ above Sunday, June 15, 2014. (Michael Laughlin/Sun Sentinel/MCT via Getty Images)

2. 2014 san Antonio Spurs

The 2014 san Antonio spurs team was one-of-a-kind for many different reasons.

After shedding in heartbreaking fashion to the Miami warm the year before, the spurs were able come bounce back, get to the Finals, and dominate the at sight team warmth the next season.

Since LeBron James and also Chris Bosh join Dwyane Wade in Miami in the summer that 2010, the warmth went come the NBA Finals every year and were feather to complete off a three-peat in 2014.

The spur were maybe to advance through a difficult Western Conference that consisted of a seven-game first round collection against the Dallas Mavericks, a young Portland follow Blazers team in the second round, and a Conference Finals matchup against a talented Oklahoma Thunder team, who had beat san Antonio in the Conference Finals back in 2012.

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This team featured one of most deepest and also talented spurs rosters in franchise history.

Despite Duncan, Parker, and also Ginobili being previous their prime, a young Kawhi Leonard was prepared to take the torch because that the spurs as he went head-to-head v LeBron James and won the Finals MVP.

Along v those four marquee players, the Spurs had a great supporting cast that featured Danny Green, Boris Diaw, Patty Mills, Tiago Splitter, Cory Joseph, Marco Belinelli, and Matt Bonner.

San Antonio go on an attack explosion after losing at home in game 2, and never looked back as lock finished off Miami in 5 games.

This championship would be the last because that the trio that Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili, and would also be the last for Kawhi Leonard in a spur Uniform.

They are additionally currently the last non-Warriors team to represent the West in the NBA Finals, as gold State has actually been to the Finals annually since.

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San Antonio Spus – photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

1. 2003 san Antonio Spurs

There will be a debate among Spurs fans regarding which the the championship teams room the best, but I’ve concluded the the 2003 san Antonio Spurs need to be in ~ the optimal of the list.

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After to win the championship in 1999, many analysts felt that the championship operation was a fluke due to the to reduce NBA season.

In a 3 year span, the spur would shed in the very first round to the Suns in 2000, get swept by the Lakers in the conference Finals in 2001, and lose come the Lakers in five games in the 2nd round the the 2002 playoffs.

In the summer the 2002, David Robinson announced that he would retire after the season.

The Lakers were by much the most dominant team in sports as they would head into the 2002-2003 NBA season spring to win their 4th straight title.

Many spur fans to speak the 2014 team was the many deepest team, yet the 2003 san Antonio spur featured 4 quality shooting guards in Stephen Jackson, Manu Ginobili, Steve Smith, and also Steve Kerr. They also had a former court consisting of Bruce Bowen, Tim Duncan, and David Robinson with Tony Parker to run the point, while other solid veterans came off the bench such as Malik Rose, Danny Ferry, Speedy Claxton, and Kevin Willis.

This team to be loaded with talent as they perfect the continual season through the best record in the NBA, and also Tim Duncan would obtain his 2nd straight MVP award.

San Antonio’s road to a championship contained four six-game series.

They defeated the Suns in the very first round, the Mavericks in the conference finals, and the Nets in the NBA Finals, yet their most impressive success of the postseason came against the three-time defending champion LA Lakers. They would certainly close out the Lakers in six including a victory on the Staples center floor to get rid of yet one more super team.

The Lakers were so leading at that time that it felt choose the spur won the NBA Championship when they defeating them in the second round.

One that the many memorable moment of the series, was the devastation Kobe, Shaq and also Derek Fisher had on their faces after establish their operation was over.

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Today, we praise Kawhi Leonard for putting a stop to two potential three-peats, but for the spur to loss a Laker team in six games after they winner three right championships provides them the most impressive location team in mountain Antonio history.