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After encountering a 13-0 first-quarter deficit in the NFC championship game versus the Saints, the Los Angeles Rams rallied to victory in overtime and breakthrough to Super bowl 53 versus the Patriots.

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Curious how often the Rams have played for a championship? Here"s a short look in ~ the franchise"s Super key history, as well as a look in ~ which teams space atop the all-time Super key wins leaderboard.

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How countless Super Bowls have the Rams won?

Super key 53 will mark the fourth time the Rams have showed up in the super Bowl. Castle have won the super Bowl once, as soon as they beat the Titans for the location in 1999. Tennessee broad receiver Kevin Dyson was famously tackled in ~ the 1-yard line while attempting to tie the game as time expired.

This will certainly be the an initial time the Rams have reached the Super bowl while in Los Angeles due to the fact that 1980 — their previous two showings came as the St. Louis Rams.

Rams at sight Bowls:

Super key 36Feb. 3, 2002Patriots 20, Rams 17
Super bowl 34Jan. 30, 2000Rams 23, Titans 16
Super bowl 14Jan. 20, 1980Steelers 31, Rams 19

In addition to their one Super bowl victory, the Rams won two NFL championships (1945 and 1951) prior to the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.

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When walk the Rams last play the Patriots in the super Bowl?

The teams last met in the Super bowl after the 2001 season. Quarterback Tom Brady helped the Patriots to win the Rams, 20-17, in his first of many Super bowl appearances. Then-Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri convert a game-winning, 48-yard field goal together time expired.

Which team has actually won the most Super Bowls?

The Steelers have played in eight supervisor Bowls and have won six, the most in NFL history. The Patriots, Cowboys and 49ers each have five Super key wins. 

Steelers Super bowl wins:

Super key 43 Feb. 1, 2009Steelers 27, Cardinals 23
Super key 40Feb. 5, 2006Steelers 21, Seahawks 10
Super key 14Jan. 20, 1980 Steelers 31, Rams 19
Super key 13Jan. 21, 1979Steelers 35, Cowboys 21
Super key 10Jan. 18, 1976Steelers 21, Cowboys 17
Super key 9Jan. 12, 1975Steelers 16, Vikings 6

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