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New York Mets, American expert baseball team based in Flushing, Queens, brand-new York. The Mets have actually won 2 World series championships (1969 and 1986) and also five National league (NL) pennants.

The Mets map their root to the proposed continental League, whose formation was announced in 1959 by new York attorney bill Shea; a new York-based team was to it is in a charter member the the league. The organization was exit in 1960 as soon as it was promised two teams each in the American and National Leagues as part of professional baseball’s expansion. The company was created in 1961, and also the surname Mets was preferred over several other suggestions because it to be short and also easy, similar to the corporate surname (the brand-new York urban Baseball club Inc.), widely embraced by fans, and also reminiscent of an earlier brand-new York baseball team, the Metropolitans that the 19th century American Association. The team, also known as the Amazin’ Mets or the Amazins, started play in 1962 in ~ the Polo Grounds; ~ two seasons they moved into the brand-new Shea Stadium. (In 2009 the Mets started playing their home gamings at Citi Field.)


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Early Mets rosters were occupied with popular new York ballplayers native a bygone era—over-the-hill veterans such as Gil Hodges, battle each other Snider, and also Yogi Berra—coached by Casey Stengel, the Yankees manager during their cable of 5 consecutive World collection championships (1949–53). This nostalgic initiative did not translate into success on the field, and also the team deserve the nickname “Lovable Losers,” losing a record 120 gamings in its an initial season.

The 1969 team, through future hall of call pitchers Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan, winner an improbable World series championship, beating the favoured Baltimore Orioles in the world Series, and came come be known as the “Miracle Mets,” having trailed the Chicago Cubs through 9.5 gamings in mid-August in the NL East. With famous centre fielder Willie Mays authorized the team in 1972, the Mets returned to the World collection in 1973 but lost come the Oakland Athletics in seven games (the team’s rallying cry that year—“Ya Gotta Believe!”—was coined by pitcher Tug McGraw in July when the team was well under .500). The remainder of the te the team posted a trivial record.

In the 1980s the Mets were rejuvenated by a group of young pitchers consisting of Dwight (“Doc”) Gooden, Jesse Orosco, and Sid Fernandez and powerful hitters such together Darryl Strawberry and Gary Carter. In 1986 the team won 108 games and its second World Series, beating the Boston Red Sox in a legendary series, ideal remembered for very first baseman bill Buckner’s error in the 10th inning of game six that allowed the Mets come steal one improbable victory and also then walk on to case the championship with one more comeback win in game seven.

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Substance abuse plagued few of the most talented young Mets stars (including Gooden and Strawberry), and, though the team won the NL eastern in 1988, that failed to with the World collection in the remainder of the 1980s and also in the 1990s. The early 1990s observed the franchise fall on hard times; it shed 103 gamings in 1993, posting that is worst season because 1965. By the late 1990s, however, the team to be stronger, and in 2000 it got to the people Series, led through slugging catcher Mike Piazza, despite the Mets lost to their crosstown rival, the Yankees, in what was named the “Subway Series.” The Mets again do the playoffs in 2006, however the adhering to year they missed the postseason after shedding a seven-game lead with 17 gamings left in a dramatic late-season collapse. In 2008 the Mets again missed the end on a playoff clues after top their department for most of August, and they ended up being the very first team in major league history to be got rid of from postseason contention in consecutive year by losing their final regular-season video game at home. Following that disappointment, the Mets gone into into an extended period of losing seasons and also finishes near the bottom of the NL eastern standings.