Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Johnny Podres is lifted by catcher Roy Campanella after ~ the team’s success over the brand-new York Yankees in game 7 the the 1955 world Series.

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The Dodgers are 2020 World series champions.

With their win over the Tampa bay Rays in game 6 that the World collection on Oct. 27, the Dodgers won the World series for the very first time since 1988.

Here’s a look at at each of the 21 time the franchise has played in the people Series, native Brooklyn to Los Angeles.


Game 1 — Red Sox 6, Robins 5

Game 2 — Red Sox 2, Robins 1 (14)

Game 3 — Robins 4, Red Sox 3

Game 4 — Red Sox 6, Robins 2

Game 5 — Red Sox 4, Robins 1

Boston’s pitching was simply too much for the Robins (named for your manager, Wilbert Robinson). Babe Ruth, Ernie Shore and Dutch Leonard combined to walk 4-0 v a 1.11 ERA. Larry Gardner fight a key three-run inside-the-park home run in the video game 4 victory. As a team, the Robins hit just .200 and scored just 13 runs in the 5 games.

Memorable moment: Babe Ruth’s 14-inning finish game in video game 2.

Pitching stars: Ruth offering up just one run and six access time in 14 innings. Ernie coast went 2-0 with an 0.53 ERA.

Batting stars: Boston’s Duffy Lewis hit .353, bother Hooper hit .333 and also scored six runs and also Gardner, if hitting just .176, had actually two homers and also six RBIs. Because that the Robins, Casey Stengel hit .364.


Game 1 — ind 3, Robins 1

Game 2—Robins 3, indians 0

Game 3—Robins 2, ind 1

Game 4—Indians 5, Robins 1

Game 5—Indians 8, Robins 1

Game 6—Indians 1, Robins 0

Game 7—Indians 3, Robins 0

One the the rare nine-game world Series. This collection featured the just World series triple play, the first World collection grand slam (Cleveland’s Elmer Smith) and the first World collection home run by a pitcher (Cleveland’s Jim Bagby). All three of those things taken place in video game 5. This to be the critical World series until 1980 to function two teams that had actually never winner the title.

Memorable moment: Cleveland 2nd baseman bill Wambsganss transforms an unassisted triple pat in video game 5.

Pitching stars: Stan Coveleski pitched three complete games, giving up a total of two runs and also 15 hits. Brooklyn’s Sherry blacksmith was their standout, going 1-1 with an 0.53 ERA in two starts.

Batting stars: Cleveland’s Charlie Jamieson and also Steve O’Neill fight .333. Tris speak hit .320 with 6 runs scored. Elmer Smith was Cleveland’s RBI leader v five. For the Robins, future room of Famer Zack Wheat fight .333.


1941: new York Yankees 4, Brooklyn Dodgers 1


The third strike that got away from catcher Mickey Owen the the Dodgers.

Game 1 — Yankees 3, Dodgers 2

Game 2 — Dodgers 3, Yankees 2

Game 3 — Yankees 2, Dodgers 1


Game 4 — Yankees 7, Dodgers 4

Game 5 — Yankees 3, Dodgers 1

This series is remembered because that one point — Dodgers catcher Mickey Owen’s dropped third strike in video game 4. But Yankee pitching dominated. 3 Yankee starters hurled complete-game wins, v each offering the Dodgers only one earn run. Forgotten about this Series, and just as damaging to the Dodgers together Owen’s blunder: Freddie Fitzsimmons was cruising along in game 3, shutting out the Yankees, when the final out of the seventh — a line drive by Marius Russo — bounced off Fitzsimmons’ leg, breaking his kneecap. Hugh Casey, who changed Fitzsimmons in the eighth, promptly offered up 2 runs and lost the game. In video game 4, Brooklyn hosted a 4-3 lead v two the end in the optimal of the ninth. Casey, who had shut out the Yankees due to the fact that coming ~ above in the fifth inning, climate struck out Tommy Henrich for what should have actually been the game-ending out. But Owen let the ball obtain by him, and also before the 3rd out was recorded Casey had offered up a single, two doubles, and also two go — and also four runs together Brooklyn go on to lose its third game.

Memorable moment: Owen’s dropped third strike.

Pitching stars: Yankee starters tiny Bonham, Red Ruffing and also Russo every went 1-0, hold the Dodgers come one earned run each.

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Batting stars: Yankee 2nd baseman Joe Gordon struggle .500 with five RBIs. Outfielder Charlie Keller also drove in 5 runs.