The Kansas City Chiefs might just be the NFL’s next great dynasty. The defending champs challenge the Tampa bay Buccaneers Sunday in Super bowl LV, feather to join the ranking of the greatest all-time teams.

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The Chiefs space trying to end up being the 9th team in league background to win consecutive supervisor Bowls. Repeating together Super key champions hasn’t been done due to the fact that 2005 when Tom Brady and the brand-new England Patriots winner their second straight title.

No team has ever won three straight Super Bowls.

In his first season due to the fact that leaving the Patriots, Brady will certainly be the opposite Super bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes Sunday in ~ Raymond James stadium in Tampa, Florida. When Brady came to be the biggest quarterback of all time by leading the NFL’s last dominant franchise, Mahomes can join that discussion by bringing several titles come Kansas City.

There room plenty of parallels in between Brady’s Patriots and also Mahomes’ Chiefs. Prior to leaving brand-new England because that Tampa Bay as a complimentary agent critical year, Brady and new England set a record with 11 directly postseason appearances. Kansas City has actually the longest active streak in the NFL with 6 trips in a heat to the playoffs.

Kansas City has actually won 5 straight division titles. Mahomes came to be the Chiefs’ beginning quarterback in the 2018 season, and also the team has won the AFC West in all three periods with the under center.

Mahomes has actually a 6-1 career playoff record.

Andy Reid ended up being Kansas City’s head coach for the 2013 season. The Chiefs have made the playoffs in seven of the eight seasons with Reid in ~ the helm.

By beating the san Francisco 49ers 31-20 to success last year’s championship, Kansas City ended a 50-year location drought. The Chiefs to win the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in Super key IV. Kansas City lost to the environment-friendly Bay Packers 35-10 in the first Super key in the franchise’s only other Super bowl appearance.

Quarterback Len Dawson to be the Super bowl IV MVP. The room of Famer play 13 seasons with Kansas City.

The Chiefs have actually made 22 playoff appearances in the Super bowl era. From 1972-1989, Kansas City got to the postseason just once.

The Chiefs flirted with making the Super key in the early on 1990s. Kansas City reached the postseason every season indigenous 1990-1995, making it as much as the AFC Championship video game in the 1993 season. The Buffalo Bills stood for the conference in the Super bowl for 4 straight years.

Legendary quarterback Joe Montana played his final two seasons with Kansas City but couldn’t gain the team end the hump.

From 1994-2014, the Chiefs didn’t victory a single playoff game, going one-and-done in the postseason 7 times. Kansas City’s longest playoff drought throughout that stretch came from 1998-2002.

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Kansas City has a 15-19 all-time document in playoff games.

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes celebrates the Chiefs" at sight Bowl success over the san Francisco 49ers Photo: GETTY photos NORTH AMERICA / ANDY LYONS