Willie Nelson"s innovative music and prolific job — spanning much more than seven years — have actually made that one of country music"s most iconic stars. But, as is often the case, the overactive psychic behind his genius is additionally responsible for a difficult temper that has made living v him a ... challenge. "I"m not easy to live with," he admitted in a 2010 interview with Parade. "I"m quite temperamental, you know. I"ve been provided to doing points my own method for so long that I"m not interested in any type of suggestions."

With that in mind, it can come as no surprise that Nelson has been married four times. While his an initial three marriages were short-lived, his union with makeup artist Annie D"Angelo is as strong as ever after 30 years. "There to be friction with my various other wives. Yet it seems like Annie and also I did okay through each other. It takes a special human being to live through me," he told Parade. 

Nelson to be 58 years old as soon as he wed D"Angelo in September 1991, having met her five years previously on the set of "Stagecoach." "n the mideighties I dropped head over heels in love v Ann Marie D"Angelo, dubbed Annie. Never had met a woman like her before," Nelson wrote in his 2020 memoir "Me and Sister Bobbie: True tales of the household Band" (via People). Nelson himself admits he wasn"t a good husband come his vault wives. Keep reading to learn much more about his tumultuous earlier marriages.

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Willie Nelson met Martha Matthews as soon as he to be discharged from the Air pressure due to back injuries, as Sunset Blvd records noted. She was 16 and he to be 19 as soon as they tied the node in 1952. "I was always a sucker for long-black-haired women," he told Parade. The union confirmed to be volatile from the get-go together Nelson sought his job in music, a time in which the young couple "quarreled, brawled, drank heavily," as Parade wrote.

Nelson and Matthews had actually three children together; Lana, Susie, and Willie Nelson Jr., ideal known as Billy, who passed away on Christmas morning in 1991, per People. For 10 years, the couple kept their connection alive together they elevated their kids and also Matthews put up v Nelson"s drinking and partying. But it eventually ended in 1962, not long after Matthews infamously bound up she husband and also beat him through a broomstick, together the Los Angeles times noted. Oy. 

While the story goes that she sewed him increase in a bedsheet, Matthews has actually made an initiative to collection the document straight in the 1988 "Willie: one Autobiography," per the Tallahassee Democrat. "How dumb would certainly I have to be to shot to darn Willie right into a bed sheet? you know how long the would take to sit there and take stitch after stitch? The fact is, ns tied that up with the kids" jump ropes before I win the hell out of him," she is quoted as saying.

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One year ~ divorcing Martha Matthews, Willie Nelson was saying "I do" for the second time, this time to rocker billy singer Shirley Collie. If his very first marriage had actually a traumatic ending, his second would present just just how ugly things could get. After marrying in 1963, his and also Collie"s relationship pertained to a halt in 1969 as soon as the nation singer discovered out Nelson had actually just had a daughter with another woman, as he thorough in his 2020 memoir "Me and Sister Bobbie: True story of the family Band" (via People). 

In October of the year, Collie found a clinical bill in their house issued through a Houston hospital, i beg your pardon Nelson check to pass off together his, suggesting he had gone to the hospital because that "something minor," every People. However Collie wouldn"t be fooled. "Shirley wasn"t buying the for one straightforward reason: The bill said the charges were because that the birth of a infant girl, Paula Carlene, born to a Mrs. Connie Nelson," Nelson recalled. "Shirley want to understand who in the hell to be Connie Nelson. Couldn"t lie. Was captured flatfooted. Had to gain the words the end of mine mouth. "Connie"s mine girlfriend and Paula"s ours daughter.""

Nelson and also Collie had actually no youngsters of their own, and also their divorce was finalized in 1971. 

According come Parade, Willie Nelson began seeing Connie Koepke in 1964, one year after marrying Shirley Collie. In 1971, the exact same year Nelson and Collie"s divorce was finalized, he then married Koepke — once their daughter Paula was about 2 year old. Nelson and Koepke go on to have another daughter, Amy (both checked out above). The union took Nelson earlier to his residence state, per Parade. "I yes, really felt like I necessary to it is in in Texas, playing to the people that were and still room my base," that told the magazine. 

But Nelson was unfaithful to Koepke together well, which at some point put an finish to their partnership in 1988. In 1986, Nelson met his present wife, Annie D"Angelo, when filming "Stagecoach." "I messed up another marriage. Mine wandering means were too much for any type of woman to put up with," Nelson admitted in his 2020 memoir," per People. 

Nelson, however, common he tho admires Koepke and every one of his ex-wives. "I"ll always love Connie. I"ll always love every my wives. I"ve always said the there"s no such thing as a "former" wife. Once in your life, a wife never ever leaves. Ns regret the ache I resulted in Connie — and also Martha and Shirley prior to her — and have no excuses," he created in his book, every People.