Warren Beatty has actually been married come Annette Bening because that 17 years now. Yet Peter Biskind’s brand-new biography “Star” insurance claims that the legend Hollywood lothario slept with almost 13,000 women. Here are simply a few of them. Related: Warren Beatty slept v 13,000 women. How is that even possible?(Getty Images)

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Christie and also Hawn, both rumored to have actually bedded their “Shampoo” co-star, ~ above the movie’s set. He played a Hollywood playboy in the film. What a stretch.(WireImage)



Hollywood It couple Julie Christie and Warren Beatty at the urban Museum of art in 1972. Together, they room a masterpiece.(WireImage)


Beatty and Dickinson at a fund-raiser because that Sen. John Tunney in 1977. National politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows.(WireImage)

Bening v her “Bugsy” co-star, whom she later on married -- astonishing the female populace of Beverly Hills and beyond.(WireImage)

Beatty and his “Reds” co-star Keaton in 1978. Indigenous Woody Allen to Warren Beatty -- can you reference her?(WireImage)

Fonda and Beatty in 1978. Writer Peter Biskind says he sings the praises that her sex-related technique.(WireImage)

Warren Beatty and Michelle Phillips, rumored to have been the actor’s to express briefly, ago in 1976. However then again, who wasn’t? Kidding, just kidding.(WireImage)

Elizabeth Taylor and also Warren Beatty attend “Flea in her Ear” in London in 1976. Lovers? We have no idea.(WireImage)

Beatty and also a beautiful young Angelica Huston dined at the Palm in 1979. And also why not? You’re only young once.(WireImage)

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The “Gigi” star’s partnership with Beatty was so intense that he to be a co-respondent in she 1966 divorce.(Getty Images)

Beatty and also Wood starred in “Splendor in the Grass” in 1961; this photograph is from Cannes in 1962.(Getty Images)