During her speech ~ above the economy this week, Hillary Clinton blasted Donald Trump together a bad businessman.

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created a lot of books about business,” said Clinton. “They every seem to end at chapter 11. He bankrupted his companies, not once, no twice, but four times.”

She was recycling a battle cry that numerous of Trump’s rivals used versus him throughout the GOP primary. Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina and Jeb bush all mocked Trump because that his four bankruptcies.

And prefer Clinton, lock were all wrong. Trumped actually has actually six bankruptcies.

Over the food of 18 years, Trump"s companies got in reorganization six times — 5 times in new Jersey, whereby he had his casino holdings, and once in new York:

Trump Taj Mahal Associates, Atlantic City casino — 1991Trump castle Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City casino — 1992Trump Plaza Associates, Atlantic City casino — 1992Plaza operation Partners, Manhattan hotel — 1992Trump Casino Holdings, Atlantic City casinos — 2004Trump entertainment Resorts, Atlantic City casinos — 2009

"It would certainly be six different bankruptcies," said bankruptcy lawyer Ted Connolly, author of "The road Out the Debt: Bankruptcy and also Other systems to your Financial Problems."

Tthe previous Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City, N.J.Wayne Parry / AP

And an attorney straight familiar through the bankruptcy cases and also the filings confirmed to NBC News the 5 Trump company bankruptcies in brand-new Jersey.

Some might be referring to the 3 1992 filings together a solitary bankruptcy; 2 of castle were also filed on the exact same day. Or they may be lumping the 3 1990s casino bankruptcies together.

But Connolly stated that doesn"t add up. "They to be separate and distinct," he said.

Even Trump appears a little hazy ~ above the details.

During an august debate, he defended his record by saying, "Out of thousands of deals the I"ve done — hundreds — on 4 occasions, I"ve taken benefit of the laws of this country, like various other people.

In one October debate, his math memory obtained a tiny fuzzier.

"Hundreds of service providers I"ve opened," he said. "I"ve supplied it three, maybe 4 times. Came out great."

The Trump campaign did not respond to requests because that comment.

Trump take away umbrage in ~ the idea the he went bankrupt, always pointing the end that he never filed personally and that he used the bankruptcy regulations to acquire richer.

Connolly stated taking his casinos right into Chapter 11 to be "reasonable and responsible" and the ideal decision for Trump and his bondholders.

"It looked prefer a same deal and actually maintained them going," Connolly said.

But Mike D"Antonio, author of the publication "Never Enough: Donald Trump and the pursuit of Success," stated the bankruptcies shouldn"t come with bragging rights.

"Donald likes come say his bankruptcy filings were simply a tool he"s been utilizing for his businesses," D"Antonio said. "He"s had a string of failures. And also you"re not simply talking about big investors. You"re additionally taking around bond holders, not large banks...people who invested your retirements.

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"So, you can call it a legal device that he"s using, yet lots of people have been hurt follow me the way. It’s to be a badge of shame because that him."

Tom Winter
Tom Winter is a brand-new York-based correspondent covering crime, courts, terrorism and also financial fraud on the East coast for the NBC News Investigative Unit.