President George W. Shrub with military Staff Sgt. Kyle Stipp ~ presenting him v two violet Heart medals in ~ Walter Reed army Medical facility on Dec. 22, 2008.Eric Draper / The White residence via Reuters file
Editor"s note: On Wednesday, NBC News compiled a perform of every Christmastime visit to energetic troops through a president due to the fact that 2001. The list, as detailed in the write-up below, confirmed that former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama saw troops ~ above or before Christmas every year due to the fact that 2003, and also President Donald trump did so in 2017. Together of the end of Christmas work 2018, Trump had not went to troops during the vacation season, and had announced no plans to do so. The write-up was correct, but on Dec. 26, the case changed. Trump and also the an initial lady, Melania Trump, made an unannounced visit come troops in Iraq. As a result, the thrust of this write-up is no much longer correct, even if it was at the time. In the attention of transparency, us are keeping the post on so the the record will reflect the instance on the job the short article was published, and also are directing readers to the article around Trump’s Iraq visit here. We are additionally altering one heat in the article, as well as the headline, come be an ext specific and also to note that Trump was the an initial president since 2002 that didn"t visit army personnel ~ above or before Christmas, quite than at Christmastime.

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On Christmas Day, president Donald trumped took part in a long-running practice of presidents who called troops stationed approximately the country and the world.

But he broke from a recent heritage of actually visiting troops and wounded warriors. That did so in 2017, once he visited wounded troops at Walter Reed National military Medical facility on Dec. 21 (and invited coast Guard service members to play golf in ~ his food in West Palm Beach, Florida).

By staying home on Tuesday, Trump came to be the very first president since 2002 that didn"t visit military personnel ~ above or before Christmas.

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama speak come U.S. Marines and personnel top top Christmas day at maritime Corps base Hawaii in 2016.Hugh Gentry / Reuters file

Based on a check of NBC logs, chairman Barack Obama visited troops at maritime Corps basic Hawaii, in Kaneohe Bay, every Christmas he remained in office, indigenous 2009 to 2016.

Before him, according to a check of news releases, president George W. Bush visited wounded warriors at Walter Reed indigenous 2003 to 2008. He did no visit troops at Christmas in 2002, in the run-up come the Iraq War, or in 2001.

In recent months, Trump has actually taken heat from critics for no visiting troops in an active combat zone, ~ canceling a trip to an American military interment ground external of Paris last month as result of weather and also skipping the traditional Veterans day visit to Arlington national Cemetery simply two days later.

At the time, the chairman told FOX News’ kris Wallace that he should have actually gone come Arlington, and he hasn’t checked out a combat zone due to the fact that he’s “had one unbelievably busy schedule,” adding, “I will be doing it.”

Trump made the pilgrimage to Arlington number of weeks later on to put a wreath as part of Wreaths across America, yet still has yet to visit an active combat zone.

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At this point in your presidencies, Obama saw troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also Bush went to Iraq just eight month after the begin of the war in 2003.