Golf and the U.S. Presidency normally go hand in hand. There is a long heritage of U.S. Presidents enjoying the sport and Dwight D. Eisenhower even went as far as happen it come the White house lawn whereby he is assumed to have played part 800 rounds, making him America"s golfer-in-chief. Fast-forward to 2020 and President Trump has been criticized from some quarters for the lot of time he has actually spent golfing. The was virtually inevitable that he was in the center of a round at the Trump nationwide Golf society in Virginia ~ above Sunday once TV networks dubbed the choice for Joe Biden. So simply how many times has actually Trump play golf because his inauguration and also does the come anywhere close to Eisenhower?

The website has actually been tracking Trump"s golfing activities for years and it claims that that has collected 285 daytime visits to golf clubs due to the fact that he came to be president with evidence of him play on at the very least 142 occasions (as of November 08, 2020). That of food comes i do not have anything close to Eisenhower"s golf counting (though it to be of course less complicated for him to rack increase his tally given that he might just pop the end to the White home lawn) however it is higher than the of his predecessor. Throughout the same duration of time, Barack Obama played 105 rounds of golf. The financial side of presidential golfing has likewise attracted scorn, offered that trips on Air pressure One, secret Service protection and accommodation all tend to be expensive because that American taxpayers. approximates that Trump"s golfing trips have expense taxpayers $142 million so far, through trips come Mar-a-Lago onboard Air force One bookkeeping for $59 million of that total. There are also other items such as mystery Service accommodation or bills for shore Guard protection at Trump"s Florida property. The website"s creators say they room tracking Trump"s golfing tasks due come a promise that made in 2016 as soon as he claimed "I"m going come be functioning for you. I"m not going to have time to walk play golf".

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This chart shows the estimated variety of times chairman Trump played golf because his inauguration.


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