President Donald Trump has actually spent 307 days, almost a complete year, golfing throughout his presidency. The complete is most likely to be the many golf outings of any kind of president in history. Additionally, trump card is most likely to be collectively viewed by chroniclers as among the worst presidents in American history.

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Almost a year the time invested on golf process was punctuated newly as December became the worst month for deaths and infections in the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. Plenty of in conservative media made a allude of pointing out time spent playing golf by chairman Barack Obama. Yet Trump has now far surpassed him and also any various other president over time spent ~ above golf courses.

In 2017, Trump invested three months’ time – 91 job – ~ above the golf course. In 2018, he spent 75 days play golf. In 2019, he spent 87 days on a golf course and in 2020, the president spent 54 days play golf – even throughout the deadliest year for the U.S. Since World war II, which lugged 291,557 fatalities. The pandemic was disproportionately deadlier for black color communities.

In just 10 month in 2020, more than 330,000 Americans died in the coronavirus pandemic and much more than 19 million to be infected. In December, an average of end 1,5000 world died every day in the U.S. As result of coronavirus. An ext than 70,000 deaths are predicted by the end of December.

President trumped never arisen a nationwide strategy for the coronavirus pandemic that may have contained a testing and tracing plan. Recent law passed by congress did not include assist for state and local governments to circulate vaccines and resolve coronavirus treatment.

“So, while a arrangement to slightly reduce suffering of huge numbers of american is being disputed by conference leaders, the chairman is in Palm Beach, VP is in Vail, Secretary that Treasury in Cabo san Lucas,” wrote historian Michael Beschloss in a collection of tweets Dec. 24. “While many Americans are in medical centers or quarantine, VP Pence, cook of President’s Covid-19 task force, has reportedly had himself flown native DC come Vail skiing will in Colorado for vacation. Pence’s Colorado vacation – defying the nationwide pandemic he to be assigned to aid thwart – is your taxation dollars at work.”

During the worst pandemic come hit the U.S. Due to the fact that the influenza pandemic the 1919, chairman Trump has actually been on the golf course more than 280 times during his presidency, at a cost of much more than $100 million.

After January 20, 2021, both Trump and also Pence are likely to have plenty of time because that vacation. The COVID-19 dilemm is suspect to acquire worse in January 2021 as previous Vice chairman Biden prepares to take it over as president.

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On Dec. 28, Biden publicly stated that Trump’s team is make the shift of power complicated and placing up “roadblocks.” calling the move irresponsible, Biden stated it, “all of it renders it harder because that our federal government to safeguard the American people,” action Biden characterized as “nothing quick of irresponsibility.”

Lauren Victoria Burke is an independent journalist for NNPA and the host of the podcast Burkefile. She is also a political strategist as principal of win Digital Media LLC.