In the world of map out comedy, there is no fraternity an ext prestigious 보다 the "Saturday Night Live Five-Timers Club." Those who have proven your worthiness through hosting "SNL" 5 times room invited right into an elite circle, whereby they don luxurious satin robes, exhilaration expensive cigars and, for their entertainment, watch current actors members fight to the death.

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Alec Baldwin - 17 

Not counting his plenty of guest appearances to play males like Donald Trump, Baldwin has hosted 16 times, happen Steve Martin"s document in 2011. Martin was there the night to need a surprise drug test.


Steve boy name - 15 

The esteemed chairman of the Five-Timers society was likewise the more quickly to get to the milestone, hosting his 5th less than two years ~ hosting his first. In total, Martin has hosted fifteen times, many recently in 2009.


John Goodman - 13

Goodman ranks 3rd on the all-time "SNL" hosting list v 13 episodes, behind just Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.


Tom Hanks - 10

Hanks" fifth go-around as organize in 1990 was what spawned the Five-Timers club sketch. But now his most renowned contribution come the collection is absolutely David S. Pumpkins. In April 2020, he additionally hosted remotely during the very first "at home" edition during the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.


Buck Henry - 10 

From 1976 come 1980, that was heritage for the "Heaven deserve to Wait" director to host the "SNL" season finale. In total, Henry organized 10 episodes, consisting of a Mardi Gras special.

Chevy chase - 8 

The initial anchor of "Weekend Update" organized "SNL" eight time after gift the very first original cast member to leaving in the middle of the show"s 2nd season.

Christopher take walk - 7 

Walken to be the first person to sign up with the Five-Timers club in the 21st Century ~ making his fifth appearance in may 2001.

Drew Barrymore - 6 

Though we haven"t checked out her in a Five-Timers" robe, she portrait is in the club"s luxurious quarters. She hold the document for youngest hold ever, having showed up on the show at age 7 complying with the relax of "E.T." in 1982.

Elliot Gould - 6 

Gould held the show five time in the "70s, but his sixth appearance to be his last after being blindsided through the sudden leave of Lorne Michaels indigenous the show in 1980.

Danny DeVito - 6 

Shortly after playing The Penguin in "Batman Returns," DeVito joined the club with an "SNL" figure in January 1993.

Tina Fey - 6 

Arguably the most well known "SNL" cast member amongst millennials, Tina Fey joined the society in 2015 ~ a hosting career that included (and quiet includes) her famed Sarah Palin impression.

Scarlett Johansson - 6

The actress make her fifth appearance in 2016, and kicked off she monologue by putting on a Five-Timers jacket handed to her by Kenan Thompson. (She hosted again through then-fiancé Colin Jost in December 2019.)

Candice Bergen - 5 

Bergen was the an initial woman to hold "SNL" and also hosted 5 times native 1975 to 1990.

Bill Murray - 5 

After starring on the present in periods 2-5, Murray returned to host 5 times in the "80s and also "90s.

Ben Affleck - 5 

The male "SNL" when mocked for his film "Gigli" joined the Five-Timers club in 2013, quickly after win the Best snapshot Oscar for "Argo."

Justin Timberlake - 5 

The pop star"s 5th appearance in 2013 witnessed "SNL" bring ago the "Five-Timers" sketch, as Timberlake"s induction was commemorated with a brawl between cast members Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam.

Melissa McCarthy - 5

After a season that guest appearances as Donald Trump"s White residence Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, McCarthy got hold of her Five-Timers coat in Season 42.

Jonah Hill - 5 

Hill"s 5 appearances as host spanned a decade, v the first coming in 2008 and also the fifth on Nov. 3, 2018.

Will Ferrell - 5

One that the many successful "SNL" alums that the "90s, Ferrell joined the club on Nov. 23, 2019. Among his most well known "SNL" bits were his George W. Shrub impression and also his recurring duty as Alex Trebek top top "Celebrity Jeopardy."

Paul Simon - 4

Technically, Simon just hosted four times, but he"s been contained in "Five-Timers Club" sketches because he to be the music guest on a fifth show. He likewise owns may be the most emotional minute in the history of "SNL": his power of "The Boxer" in the cold open of the very first post-9/11 episode.

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