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GettyFaith Hill has been married to husband and also fellow country singer Tim McGraw due to the fact that 1996, and the couple share 3 daughters together: Gracie, Maggie and also Audrey.

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Tim McGraw has actually been married to wife and fellow country singer belief Hill since October, 1996, and also the pair just celebrated 23 years of marriage this year. McGraw and also Hill an initial connected in 1994 at the country Radio Seminar in Nashville, according to This Insider. They to be both brand-new to the country music scene and also performed in the “New Faces” tent show during the seminar.

The couple had an prompt connection, however Hill was just finalizing a divorce to former husband Daniel Hill, and also McGraw remained in a connection with Kristine Donahue, for this reason the two only sparked increase a friendship during that first meeting. Castle didn’t reconnect until 1996, and also began dating shortly after. Here’s what us know about McGraw and also Hill’s marriage:

Hill dubbed Off she Engagement come be through McGraw

thank you come our particularly crew for making this present happen for us all city after ~ city. Castle are just the best!!!! to our fans…. Give thanks to you for the many incredible tour experience we’ve ever before had!!!! #soul2soul

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The pair reconnected in 1996 once Hill opened for McGraw throughout his “Spontaneous burning Tour.” Both singers recognize that sparks to be flying during that second meeting; McGraw was newly solitary after breaking off his engagement come Donahue, and although Hill was involved to document producer Scott Hicks in ~ the time, she admits that there was chemistry between herself and McGraw.

After singing together every night ~ above stage during the tour, the nation singers couldn’t deny their feelings. Follow to an interview with people in 2000, one night ~ a show, McGraw invite Hill into his dressing room and kissed her. “I couldn’t was standing it anymore,” that told the publication. “I didn’t think I had a snowball’s opportunity in hell. I assumed she was method out of mine league.” Hill claimed she to be shocked, yet that “it was nice,” and McGraw added that points “snowballed” native there.

Shortly after, Faith dubbed off she engagement to Hicks and the two started dating. “If who is going to referee my character since I was engaged to somebody and then ns left him for someone else — ‘Oh, okay, now she’s a slut and also a poor person’ — i can’t control that. Yet I wasn’t around to let Tim slip through my hands,” she toldPeople.

Hill admitted the she’s been at the facility of part pretty wild rumors, yet that she doesn’t let them bother her. “I’ve had an affair through my assembly artist, a female; one affair v my hairstylist; my marital relationship is top top the rocks; Maggie is no Tim’s child. The naysayers. Ns don’t need their approval. I have too lot going on. If that’s their entertainment, fine.”

McGraw Proposed come Hill in June, 1996 when Performing in Colorado

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one Incredible ending to an remarkable week. #TheRestOfOurLife

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McGraw proposed come Hill later on that same year after ~ Hill called off her engagement to Hicks. The two were performing in Colorado as soon as McGraw dropped to his knee and also asked Hill come marry him, according to BRIDES.

“We to be in the dressing room, here, June 26, 1996, and also it was raining and stuff and also we’d to be on tour for a while together, and also I joked roughly with her around getting married,” McGraw said his audience in Colorado, follow to the publication. “And therefore I claimed … i looked in ~ her, got her through the hand, and also dropped front onstage. She had currently done her show. And I said, ‘I’m yes, really serious. I want you come marry me.’” The songstress laugh in response. “She said, ‘We’re in ~ a country music festival in a trailer house, and also you’re asking me come marry you? and also I said, ‘Yeah.’”

During his performance, Hill offered him her answer. “I had actually in my dressing room… this foldout case that had actually a winter in it that was my dressing armoire,” McGraw said. “I still have it come this day. As soon as I came back offstage, a Sharpie with lipstick kisses almost everywhere it, saying, ‘Yes! I’m gonna be your wife.’ the had, ‘I love you’ with large lipstick kisses. And this is the ar right here.”

The two Married in October, 1996 in Rayville, Lousiana

#throwbackthursday confidence Hill & Tim McGraw wedding picture from Oct 1996! #TBT

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The couple didn’t waste any type of time tie the node after McGraw’s proposal. The 2 invited their guests to a soft ball game and also concert in McGraw’s hometown the Rayville, Louisiana and also surprised them by obtaining married instead, according to BRIDES.

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Hill was three months pregnant through their very first daughter Gracie in ~ the time, and also wore a basic white dress and also no shoes because that the ceremony. McGraw wore jeans and a black color coat and the two stood under one oak tree through a minister to say their vows.

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