The new York Yankees space the many successful team in both major League Baseball and all American sports. No other company comes close come the 27 Yankees World series wins.

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In baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals are a distant second at 11. In every sports, the Boston Celtics room the closestly U.S.-based team, v 17 NBA championships.

The complying with is a perform of every Yankees World series win. A handful room highlighted due to the fact that even ~ above this exceptional list, they was standing out. The course, every Yankees fan has their own favorite – and plenty of great memories.


Yankees 4, brand-new York Giants 2. The season opened with Babe Ruth hitting a home run at the an initial game play at the initial Yankees Stadium. The season ended with the an initial Yankees World collection win.


Yankees 4, Pittsburgh Pirates 0. This series significant the first time a National organization team was brushed up by an American league team.


Yankees 4, St. Luigi Cardinals 0. The Yankees ongoing to rewrite the record books, as this to be the first back-to-back championship for any team that brushed up both series. Ruth struggle a staggering .625 in the series, hit three homers in game 4 and also caught the last out (off the bat of Frankie Frisch).


Yankees 4, Chicago Cubs 0. The Yankees brushed up the Cubs in a collection that may have not been as memorable together others, yet features among the most famed moments in all of sports history. In game 3, Babe Ruth pertained to the bowl in the 5th inning to challenge Cub pitcher Charlie Root. He supposedly referred to as his shoot by pointing through the bat wherein he planned come hit the sphere out in Wrigley ar – which he climate did. However, debate continues to this day around whether he really called his shot. Previous Supreme Court Justice john Paul Stevens, that was at the game as a kid, is just one of the many eyewitnesses who claimed it happened. This likewise was the critical World series appearance because that Ruth.


Yankees 4, Giants 2. This to be a transition series for the Yankees, gift the first with Joe DiMaggio and also the very first without Ruth. Exact same result.

Joe DiMaggio"s MLB Career


Yankees 4, Giants 1. Before this series, the Yankees to be tied with the Philadelphia Athletics and also the Boston Red Sox because that the many championships (5). ~ this, the Yankees never looked back.


Yankees 4, Cubs 0. One more sweep and also another win over the Cubs. This one is notable due to the fact that it was the Yankees last video game in Wrigley field until 2003 (an interleague matchup).


Yankees 4, Cincinnati Reds 0. The Yankees won their fourth in a row through yet one more sweep. In video game 3, Yankees pitcher Monte Pearson pitched a complete game, two-hitter that lasted simply 87 minutes.


Yankees 4, Dodgers 1. The first series win over the Dodgers – something that would become a frequent occurrence for long-suffering Brooklyn fans.

Why Brooklyn Dodgers and new York Giants Moved


Yankees 4, Cardinals 1. After losing to the Cardinals in 1942, the Yankees won to case their 10th championship. The seemed favor a lot – and also it was – yet they to be just gaining going.


Yankees 4, Dodgers 3. The first series in i beg your pardon an enemy pushed a series-winning Yankees team to video game 7.


Yankees 4, Dodgers 1. This series victory began a run in which the Yankees won 5 World collection in a row, all through Casey Stengel together manager, and also 14 out of 16 American league championships.


Yankees 4, Philadelphia Phillies 0. The Whiz children of Philadelphia were no complement for the Yankees and also pitchers prefer Vic Raschi, Allie Reynolds and also Whitey Ford.


Yankees 4, Giants 2. Another transition year, as this to be the last World collection with Joe DiMaggio and also the an initial with Mickey Mantle.

Things You no Know around Mickey Mantle


Yankees 4, Dodgers 3. One more seven-game collection against the Dodgers, one more win for the Yankees.


Yankees 4, Dodgers 2. The fifth in a row, a feat never copied by any kind of other baseball team. Future Yankees manager Billy Martin had 12 hits.


Yankees 4, Dodgers 3. after ~ the Dodgers finally broke through and beat the Yankees in 1955, the Yankees came back and winner again. This was the last all-New York City collection until the Yankees played the brand-new York Mets in 2000. This one is remembered most for game 5, as soon as Don Larsen pitched a perfect game to loss the Dodgers. No one else has ever before pitched a perfect video game in the world Series, make this among the many extraordinary tasks in baseball. The picture of catcher Yogi Berra leaping right into Larsen’s eight after the last out is among the many iconic in all sports.

Yogi Berra beforehand Life and also MLB Career


Yankees 4, Milwaukee Braves 3. Milwaukee regulated to take it the Yankees to video game 7, and also even led the collection three games to one. Then, the Yankees stormed back, winning the last game behind an excellent pitching indigenous Bob Turley and also an eighth inning rally started with a dual by Berra.


Yankees 4, Reds 1. This to be the exact same season in which roger Maris beat Babe Ruth’s residence run record by hitting his 61st top top the critical day the the season.


Yankees 4, Giants 3. This one is most remembered for just how it ended. In the 9th inning of game 7, Willie McCovey fight a scorching line drive v two runners on basic – however Yankee second baseman Bobby Richardson made the catch and ended the series.


Yankees 4, Los Angeles Dodgers 2. In one of the many remarkable tasks ever, Reggie Jackson hit four home operation (one in game 5, 3 in game 6) every on the first pitch. What’s more, each was hit off a various Dodgers’ pitcher – Don Sutton, Burt Hooton, Elias Sosa and also Charlie Hough. Jackson deserve his nickname during this series: Mr. October. This was the only World series win Billy Martin had as manager.


Yankees 4, Dodgers 2. An additional back-to-back championship, v the Dodgers again ~ above the losing finish of a World collection against the Yankees.


Yankees 4, Atlanta Braves 2. In the an initial two games, the Braves outscored the Yankees 16-1. The Yankees never lost again. ~ taking three in row in Atlanta, the Yankees winner the World collection – the team’s first in 18 years – in Yankees Stadium. The many memorable affiliated a comeback in video game 4, capped by catcher Jim Leyritz’s residence run off Atlanta closer note Wohlers.


Yankees 4, mountain Diego Padres 0. David Wells, Orlando Hernandez and Andy Pettitte all collected wins in this series that was never ever close.


Yankees 4, Braves 0. The Yankees closed the end the 20th century with another back-to-back championship run.


Yankees 4, brand-new York Mets 1. And also they opened the 21st century through a win over the Mets, providing the Yankees their third championship in a row.


Yankees 4, Phillies 2.

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The 27th Yankees championship came versus a Phillies team the was the defending champions. It was the critical World series appearance because that Derek Jeter and also Mariano Rivera.