Richard Branson is checked out floating in room in the S25 illustration of The Simpsons "The war of Art" (Disney)
Dismiss The Simpsons just as a cartoon for youngsters at her peril. In the 30+ years it’s been running, Matt Groening’s hit man sitcom has delivered countless storylines over 31 seasons and also one movie, and also nestled among the anarchic story of America’s premiere nuclear household have been some weirdly prescient predictions around the near future.

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Here are 15 that the most chillingly specific predictions do by The Simpsons.

The Simpsons foresaw Richard Branson's trip to room - guess in 2014

Episode: Season 25, illustration 15: 'The battle of Art'

Richard Branson started Virgin Galactic in 2004, so The Simpsons 'predicting' his current sojourn right into near room wasn't too much of a stretch because that the writers of 'The war of Art' in 2014.

However, what is eerie is the accuracy through which the artist behind the Season 25 episode were able come predict what Branson's space craft would certainly look like. Native the neutral coloured walls and flight suit, down to the round windows, it's scarily close come reality.

US beat Sweden in the Winter Olympic curling – predicted by The Simpsons in 2010

Episode: Season 21 E 12 “Boy Meets Curl”

The us men’s Olympic team winner gold during the 2018 Winter Olympics however the Simpsons had won it eight years earlier. Throughout the 2010 Winter Olympics, an episode aired reflecting Homer and also Marge forming a curling team and making their method all the method to the finals. They regulated to win the Swedes after nearly conceding a loss as result of injury, however Marge stepped up and also took them all the means to the height of the podium.

The ‘Girther’ motion – guess by The Simpsons in 1990

Episode: S1 E 10 ‘Homer’s Night Out

Questions end the validity of the outcomes of Donald Trump’s medical examination offered birth to a brand-new online conspiracy theory known as “The Girther movement”. That a play on the “Birther movement” that developed during Barack Obama’s time in the White House, focussing instead on Trump’s health and wellness rather than his birthplace. The check up says Trump weighs 239 lbs i beg your pardon many insurance claim to be plainly false (including Guardians the the Galaxy manager James Gunn), but guess that else sweet 239 lbs when he stepped ~ above the scales? Homer Simpson, in the very first season of The Simpsons.

Homer’s an answer when he actions on the scales? “Oh no, i’m a whale!

The Disney-Fox merger – suspect by The Simpsons in 1998


Episode: S23 E10 ‘Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson’

Three years prior to this year’s government debt meltdown in greek that observed it become the very first country to default on one IMF loan repayment, a throwaway gag top top this 2012 illustration predicted how outlandish the instance would become.

A ticker on a rojo terminal that Homer appears on reads “Europe puts greek on eBay”. Us wonder if the Greeks have thought about this option throughout their darkest hours.

Ebola outbreak – Predicted by The Simpsons in 1997

Episode: S9 E3 ‘Lisa’s Sax’

A crackpot viral video clip that did the rounds in 2014 claims ‘The Simpsons’ suspect the recent American Ebola outbreak. The episode observed Marge giving to read Bart a book titled “Curious George and The Ebola Virus”, i beg your pardon the YouTube creator Thecontroversy7 states proves that the equipments of the present knew around the future outbreak and also are, the course, members that the illuminati.

It was nearly convincing prior to the illuminati ingredient wasn’t it?

Siegfried and also Roy tiger attack – Predicted through The Simpsons in 1993

Episode: S5 E10 ‘$pringfield (Or, how I Learned to avoid Worrying and also Love Legalized Gambling)’

The phase career the flamboyant German magic duo Siegfried & Roy was lugged to a shocking end in 2003 when Roy Horn was mauled by among their trademark white many tigers while performing live on phase in ras Vegas.

Ten year earlier, in a Simpsons illustration that look at Springfield briefly legalise gambling, a flamboyant germanic magic duo v a penchant because that albino huge cats dubbed Gunter and Ernst make an figure at mr Burns’ casino. Your performance is cut quick when their mauled by their trademark white tigers. Renders you paws for believed doesn’t it?

The NSA scandal – Predicted by The Simpsons in 2007

Predicted through The Simpsons Movie

In the Simpsons large screen outing, the sinister-looking national Security firm (NSA) is deployed to find the family who have been required into hiding after escaping from Springfield's biodome. They monitor the household by hearne in on their conversations, something the genuine NSA was revealed to it is in doing in 2013 once whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the government's mass monitoring of American's phones and Internet record.

Horse meat scandal – Predicted through The Simpsons in 1994

Episode: S5 E19 ‘Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song

A complete 19 years before it was revealed that some beef marketed in Europe had been contaminated with equine meat, The Simpsons do a joke around Lunchlady Doris cooking with “assorted equine parks – currently with more testicles”.

On a side note, Lunchlady Doris is now Lunchlady Dora, a name readjust facilitated as soon as the character’s original voice gibbs Doris Grau passed away in 1995.

Faulty voting devices – Predicted through The Simpsons in 2008

Episode: S20 E4 ‘Treehouse of fear XIX

In the 2008 Halloween special, Homer tries to vote for Barack Obama in ~ an digital voting both, however the maker malfunctions casting a poll for his rival man McCain instead.

Just 4 years later, a Pennsylvania voting device was taken the end of business when it to be filmed casting votes intended because that Obama in favour of his real-life competitor Mitt Romney.

FIFA Scandal – Predicted by The Simpsons in 2014

Episode: S25 E16 ‘You Don’t have to Live like a Referee

A year prior to the football world was turn upside as soon as a collection of high-ranking FIFA officials were arrested by the FBI on charges of corruption, a comparable thing played the end in this 2014 episode of The Simpsons.

Homer is checked out by the executive vice president of the “world football federation” who desires him to be a referee in the upcoming world Cup. He’s promptly arrested through American authorities because that corruption and also carted off. The episode also predicted Germany as the winners of that year’s tournament.

9/11 – guess by The Simpsons in 1997

Episode: S9 E1 ‘The City of brand-new York vs Homer Simpsons

You’re deep right into the conspiracy theory rabbit hole if girlfriend think this one is even vaguely feasible, however here we go anyway.

A YouTube video from user “truthwillfindyoubru” points to a moment in the 1997 series 9 opener the sees Lisa holding up a bus coupon advertisement that promises new York tickets for $9. The location of the price, beside the large Apple’s skyline including the people Trade Center, renders the ad read “New York 9 11” which castle suggest way the show’s makers had “foreknowledge” the the attacks.

2016 Nobel compensation winner – suspect by The Simpsons in 2011

Episode: S22 E1 ‘Elementary institution Musical

In the 2010 season opener Lisa, Millhouse, and also a bunch of her nerdy friends have stayed up so late to listen the winners the the Nobel prize, in which Krusty wins the Nobel peace Prize.

So far, so Simpsons, but then we gain a look in ~ Martin’s betting swimming pool card and also we see Millhouse had predicted an business economics prize for Bengt R. Holmstrom, who actually go on to win in earlier this year. MIT’s Holmstrom to be joint winner the the 2016 Nobel prize in business economics with Oliver Hart for their work on “contact theory”. No, united state neither.

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