Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has become a family name because his time as a wrestler (WWF, then WWE) and also since then, his time together an actor, speak superstar in ~ this allude probably wouldn"t even reduced it. The Rock"s call in the industry has actually been quite positive, indigenous his interviews to his movies and even his family life, his fans have always had his back. The actor appears to it is in a nice man for the most part and worths the prominence of relationships.

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Many who have been adhering to the life of Johnson knows the he has actually been married double — to Dany Garia native 1997-2008 and also then come Lauren Hashian in 2019. However did you know that Garcia tho produces she ex-husband"s films? To be fair though, it doesn"t come together a surprised that The Rock would certainly be on good terms with his ex-wife.

Read on to learn much more about who Garcia is and her partnership with Johnson since their 2008 divorce.


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Who is Dany Garcia?

According to distractify, Garcia, who was born on November 29, 1969, was "integral" in her ex-husband"s success after ~ he had actually left wrestling to pursue acting. The duo had married on may 3, 1997, after castle met earlier at the college of Miami;Dwayne was 18 at the time and also Garcia was 21.

They additionally share a daughter named Simone Garcia Johnson., who they welcomed in august 2001. Top top June 1, 2007, the pair announced the they to be separating, with The Rock moving on and also dating his current wife Lauren Hashian in the very same year. Their divorce to be finalized in 2008. The publication additionally revealed that when the pair had split, they had actually "promised" to store this "amicable" — they also took the one step further.

Dwayne Johnson and also ex-wife Dany come at the 5th Annual Taurus world Stunt Awards ~ above September 25, 2005, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

Garcia, who grew up in Belleville, brand-new Jersey, had majored in global Marketing and Finance in ~ the college of Miami and graduated in 1992 v a Bachelors degree. She had actually then come to be the associate Vice chairman at Merrill Lynch and ended up starting a wealth monitoring firm dubbed JDM Partners gmbh in the year 2002.

Turns the end that exes can be friends, together Johnson ended up questioning Garcia to manage him with his acting career. So, having actually prior functioned in finance in ~ Merrill Lynch in 1992, Garica relocated on to regulate her ex-husband in 2008.

The duo are additionally co-founders that the production firm Seven Bucks Productions (since 2012) which has an umbrella of movies the The absent stars in such together "Hobbs and Shaw", "Baywatch" and "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle." In an interview v Marie Claire, Garcia spoke about working v Johnson. She said, "From the moment Dwayne was play football at college of Miami, to wrestling in the WWE, to emerging in film, i was constantly in the lift guiding him, giving counsel, and adding a business point of check out to all the decisions.""So i was always very comfortable speaking with his agents or his attorneys, any of the jae won individuals, or also the studio executives since I knew every film is boxed into a organization model... Ns did have to overcome judgments like, "Wait, is his ex-wife controlling him?" world are trying to put you in a category, not in a bad way, yet just therefore they know exactly how to relate. I had actually to become really comfortable, an extremely quickly, with creating a brand-new paradigm: "Yes, ns am his manager. Yes, us were once married. Now, let"s go develop sh*t together.""

She"s likewise the founder of The Garcia Companies, a media firm that represents the likes of Idris Elba and Henry Cavill. Garcia, too, has actually moved on since her divorce in 2007 and married Dave Rienzi, a bodybuilder in the year 2014. Interestingly, the publishing reveals that Riene works as his wife"s ex-husband"s an individual trainer. It appears there is no negative blood in ~ all.

If that"s not enough for Garcia"s talents, she is likewise an IFBB skilled bodybuilder. She had first competed in the year 2011 and also earned her IFBB pro card in 2015.

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She is also the first-ever Women"s Physique department athlete to be signed come the Weider roster. Furthermore, selection reported that Dwayne and Garcia had gained XFL together, bring about Garcia becoming the first woman to own an entire professional sporting activities league.

She is also finishing a 30-minute HBO series about "a backyard wrestles league" and also has invest in Acorns, ice cream cream company Salt & Straw and also Voss water. According to Latintrends, Garcia has likewise served together a trustee because that both the university of Miami and FIU and as a Post-President of the UM Alumni Association. In 2008, she also founded The Beacon Experience described as "a structure that works v at-risk youngsters to authorize them to break economic and also social barriers and extend their education past high school."

Speaking around his partnership with Garcia now, Johson told CNN in an interview, "I made a lot of mistakes. I didn"t have actually the capacity or the volume to stop for the moment and say, "God, I"m really screwing up. Let"s talk around this." i can"t tell you what it to be then. I deserve to tell you this day that I value our relationship. As soon as I love you, I deserve to really love you, whether it"s my ex-wife, girlfriend, or my tiny girl, or mine guys, mine buddies. Every little thing it is, I worth that relationship. It"s so exceptionally loving and seamless what we have. The best part about it is the example we"re setting for our little girl."