There is constantly some A-list celebrity in the headlines because they freshly tied the knot. Some marry partners much younger, and some are on their second or 3rd marriage. Sean Penn is just one of these celebrities. The recently confirmed rumors the he was married again–for the 3rd time. His wife also happens to be over 30 year younger 보다 him. We’re hoping–for both your sake–that this marriage turns out better than his first two.

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(L-R) Sean Penn and also Leila George | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Was Sean penn married to Madonna?

In 1985, Sean pen married because that the first time. His very first wife to be none other than the material Girl herself, popular music legend Madonna. The pair was among the sexy couples in Hollywood, however their marital relationship hit a yes, really rocky spot and also they divorce in 1989. 

Their divorce to be a nasty one, v rumors swirling about domestic abuse. There to be accusations of violent abuse in 1987 and also 1989, yet both Penn and Madonna later denied that any type of such abuse occurred. Madonna later defended him in court documents, together reported by Marie Claire:

“I recognize the allegations in those and other reports to be fully outrageous, malicious, reckless, and false. Ns am additionally aware of allegations concerning an occurrence that developed in December 1989, i m sorry purportedly resulted in Sean’s arrest for domestic assault and battery against me. I recognize those allegations to be false.”

There were plenty of various other reasons behind the couple’s divorce. Penn had actually a most legal issues–he to be arrested a couple of times, for issues from DUIs come assault, according to LA Times. Between his time invested in jail, and both star’s busy careers, they absolutely didn’t have actually a most time to put into a marriage. Madonna’s friends additionally said pen was extremely jealous and insecure. 

Despite all of these issues, the two stay close come this day. Penn newly said the he still loves his very first wife very much, according to ET. In 2016, while the two were working on a charity event, Madonna claimed she was still in love through Penn. 

Who does he have children with?

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In 1996, penn married his 2nd wife, Robin Wright. The two began dating shortly after Penn’s divorce from Madonna, and also their relationship was relatively rocky, follow to Popsugar. Some speculate the Wright had a hard time with Penn’s fame–she to be trying to make a name for herself and was maybe feeling overshadowed by Penn’s success. 

The pair eventually relocated in together, and Wright was shortly pregnant with their very first child. Your daughter Dylan was born in 1991, and their son, Hopper, was born two years later. Wright had put her career on organize for a while come take care of their family, yet in 1994 she delivered a an excellent performance as Jenny in the film Forrest Gump. Her performance earned she a gold Globe nomination for ideal Supporting Actress.

Wright’s career started to slow down again, and also the couple had chose that penn would proceed to work-related (since he earned far an ext money) and also she would focus on their family. She didn’t ditch her career entirely, though, and the pair collaborated top top a few projects. They relocated to mountain Francisco in an effort to escape the public eye and have a more stable ar to raise your children.

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The relocate wasn’t enough to save the marriage, and Wright filed because that divorce in 2007. A couple of months later, however, she withdrew the petition and the couple was ago together. In 2010, they offered up for the last time, and decided to divorce.

Who is his brand-new wife?

Last month, Penn confirmed that he had acquired married again. His third wife is 28-year-old Leila George, daughter of gibbs Vincent D’Onofrio and also actor Greta Scacchi, follow to USA Today. George is an actor and a philanthropist. The pair has been viewed attending charity events and George is also an extremely involved in Penn’s nonprofit, ar Organized Relief Effort. 

Penn claims they had actually a “COVID wedding,” which way very couple of people to be in attendance. They to be married end a Zoom meeting, with only George’s brother and also Penn’s two children at the residence with them. Pen wasn’t an extremely disappointed around the absence of a big wedding. In an illustration on Seth Meyer’s late-night show, pen jokingly claimed “Let’s to speak there are socially-liberating components under COVID.”