Phil Collins may have sold over 150 million records in his time, but his vibrant love life is often much more talked about.

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The legendary Genesis Star has actually been married 3 times, and fans frequently wonder if that is this Wednesday.

Phil Collins is a legendary drummer and singerCredit: Redferns

Is Phil Collins Married Now?

fill of course, before coming to be a solo in the 80’s, that was finest known as a singer and drummer for the rock tape Genesis.

Superstars are currently single and room not taken into consideration real.


1976, Phil, Andrea, daughter Jolly.Credits: Hulton Archive-Getty

Andrea Bertreli right now 70 years old and a previous Canadian actress.

The pair were married native 1975 come 1980 and are thought to have actually divorced ~ the incident.

They have two children, Jolly and Simon, who were embraced by Phil.

Jill Travelman



Phil and Jill in 1991, Lily, the baby daughter of the time.Credits: Getty-Contributors

Jill, 65, is one American actress and also businessman.

Phil and also Jill acquired married between 1984 and 1996.

They are said to have later divorced and had an work after the toured through Genesis.

Phil is reported to have paid Jill £ 17m because that divorce.

The ex-husband and also wife have a daughter, Lily, who is a well-established actress. Emily in Paris and also love, Rosie.

Orianne Cevey


Phil married Orian in 1999.Credit: Rex

Phil’s 3rd marriage remained in 1999 with Orianne Sivey, who additionally divorced nine years later.

47-year-old Oriana is a Swiss jewel designer.

Their divorce in 2008 to be the biggest settlement in brother entertainment background and expense £ 25 million.

Phil and also Oriana have actually two boys, Nicholas and also Matthew.

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Phil talked about a failed marital relationship in his 2016 autobiography, “Not Dead Yet.” “I’m disappointed that I gained married three times … I’m even much more disappointed the I got divorced 3 times.”

Does Phil Collins have actually children?

Musicians 5 youngsters From three marriages.

Four of them room famous and also one is a teenager who is still enjoying soccer.

From the earliest to the youngest:

Joely Collins -Born respectable 8, 1972-Actress and also producer. Simon Collins -September 14, 1976-Drummer and former command vocalist the the steady rock band Sound the Contact. Nicolas Collins -Born April 21, 2001-Musician and also drummer. Matthew Collins -Born December 1, 2004-Avid football player.
Phil Collins’ ex-wife says she always loves him and also “stays in his life” regardless of a fierce £ 14m court battle.

Phil Collins is currently married and also who is his ex-wife?