Socialite Paris Hilton just acquired married to her boyfriend Carter Milliken Reum and the totality affair was nothing brief of amazing.

The pair wed in a lavish consciousness at her grandfather’s heritage in Beverley Hills surrounded by all their friends and family, and it didn’t prevent there.

Paris and Carter shut under Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Pier top top Friday to litter a wedding carnival the complying with day.

Guests are also collection to attend a black-tie round on Saturday to finish off the three-day celebrations.

Paris pulled out all the stops for the wedding, however has she ever before been married before?

Has Paris to be married before?

Surprising come some, Paris Hilton has actually actually never been married before.

The 40-year-old has dated a many of men throughout her life, but she never ever made it under the aisle with any of them.

Carter Reum is her very first and only husband, and the pair seem completely loved up.

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Paris no have any type of children either, and also this is the first time she’s ever before properly settled down v someone.

First, she was involved to a man referred to as Jason Shaw when she was simply 21-years-old.

They got engaged in 2002 however the partnership was really short-lived and they split in 2003.


Photo by J. Vespa/WireImage

Her following engagement to be to Greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niachros. 

He proposed simply eight months after they started dating, and also Paris famously dubbed off your 2005 wedding. 

In 2018, actor and also model chris Zylka proposed come Paris a year ~ they began dating.

They got engaged on a ski expedition in Aspen, Colorado, and also he provided her a 20 carat diamond engagement ring worth an estimated $2 million.

However, they called off your engagement in November 2018 i beg your pardon was reportedly the month they were as result of get married.

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Photo through Tommaso Boddi/Getty pictures for Maddox Gallery

Now she’s discovered her Prince Charming

After being engaged three times and also dating numerous men, Paris seems to have finally discovered her Prince Charming in Carter Reum.

The 40-year-old indigenous Illinois is an author and also entrepreneur recognized for establishing investment for sure M13 Ventures.

They apparently started dating back in 2019 after meeting through common friends, however they didn’t check their partnership until April 2020 once Paris celebrated their anniversary top top Instagram.

Then, castle got involved in February 2021 and plainly began planning their November wedding right away.