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When Olivia Newton-John an initial set eyes on john Easterling nearly 30 years ago, that wasn’t love at very first sight. That wasn’t the the 2 didn’t choose each other. Olivia and also John both common a love of environmentalism and met at an eco-friendly conference v some shared friends. ~ all, Olivia, the Grammy-award-winning singer, and also actress who played Sandy in Grease was a passionate support for environmental and also breast cancer awareness.

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John, because that his part, was a rainforest conservationist and also entrepreneur that was starting his own organization selling medicinal botanicals, Amazon Herb Company. At the moment of their meeting, Easterling had never also seen Grease. And also despite their mutual shared interests, there was no romantic spark.

From Friends come Lovers

Over the next few years, the actress and also conservationist maintained running right into each other at charity events. ?The much more I acquired to understand her, ns thought, oh, she?s a really nice person, she yes, really does care about people and also animals and the rainforest,? Easterling stated in an interview withAustralian Women?s Health.

The fates would bring them together as soon as Easterling checked out California for a speaking engagement. Olivia graciously invited him to stay in she guest house. However on the work of his booked departure, Easterling obtained in a auto crash ~ above the way to the airport. Having fractured his reduced spine, the was forced to stay at Oliva’s house until he recovered.

Soon after, Olivia performed a concert in Florida, whereby John lived. She invite him, and also John to be captivated by one of her song “Pearls on a Chain”. That was throughout the song — which he dubbed “very healing” — he knew he want to lug Olivia come the Amazon to accomplish local healers. The formerGrease star agreed. “I thought, ?Oh no, I?m acquisition her to Peru, I?d better watch Grease!” man told Australian Women’s Health. During their travels in Peru, the couple realized, because that the first time, the they to be in love. Olivia was “59 walking on 60” in ~ the time.

“I discovered the love of my life in ~ 50 walk on 60!”


Oliva and John were tied the knot in June 2008, atop a mountain in Peru. After return to the joined States, they had a second ceremony ~ above Jupiter Island in Florida ~ above June 30. Olivia is grateful that she was able to uncover the love of her life in her second husband. ?He?s incredibly smart and compassionate,” she toldPeople Magazine.“He claims yes to everything, he says yes to life!?

“I always tell mine friends you?re never ever too old to find love,” she added. “I found the love of mine life in ~ 59 walk on 60!? for Olivia, thecourse of true love never ever did operation smooth. She’ddivorced her first husband, Matt Lattanzi, after 11 year of marriage. Matt had actually been very supportive with Olivia’s cancer journey, and the pair had shared a daughter, Chloe climbed Lattanzi. Return they damaged up, the ex-wife and also ex-husband stay on familiar terms.

A couple of years before marrying John, Olivia had been dating Patrick McDermott, one American cameraman of korean descent. ~ they broke up, Olivia’s previous boyfriendmysteriously disappearedduring a fishing pilgrimage in 2005. A US coastline Guard investigation released in 2008 concluded that he had “most likely” drowned. Some reports claim that faked his death and is right now living in Mexico.

The Family’s Cancer Battle

After her very first cancer diagnosis in 1992, Olivia’s cancer returned in 2013 and also again in 2017. John, a staunch support for plant-based medicine, motivated her to manage her pains with clinical cannabis. “I’d heard a many from my husband around how could assist me,” Olivia stated in aninterviewwithGood Housekeeping. “I to be a little nervous because I don’t like the emotion of any type of kind of mind-altering thing … however I started out very slowly, and also I readjusted to it, and also it’s really assisted me greatly.”

In 2015, Olivia opened up her very own public hospital, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer wellness & research study Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Olivia is open around using three to act pain and also other health and wellness issues and speaks at three conferences come encourage others to think about the natural remedy as an alternate to classic painkillers. Every year, Olivia hosts a health walk and also research operation to benefit the ONJ Cancer Centre. She recently conducted an auction to benefit the hospital, offering off hericonic animal leather jacketand trousers fromGrease.

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Throughout her chest cancer battles and also quest to assist fellow cancer “thrivers”, she husband John and daughter Chole have actually been by she side. “It simply gets better,” John stated when discussing their connection with Good Housekeeping. “Olivia’s act astonishingly well. It’s a lengthy trip, and also it’s just beautiful.”