Miranda Lambert"s love life is literally the stuff nation songs are made of. ~ winning Nashville Star in 2003, her career took off, and after marrying country superstar Blake Shelton in 2011, she career hit the stratosphere. Shelton and also Lambert to be married for 4 years. These days, he"s happily engaged to Gwen Stefani and Lambert has been married come former brand-new York City police officer Brendan McLoughlin because late January 2019, YourTango reports.

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Lambert to be performing top top Good Morning America once she and McLoughlin met in November 2018, per The Boot. By Valentine"s work the adhering to year, they to be married. Lambert required to Instagram come share the happy news, writing, "I met the love of mine life. And also we obtained hitched! My love is full. Give thanks to you Brendan McLoughlin for loving me for.... Me."

As mentioned, McLoughlin is a former NYPD officer, which might have attractive Lambert in the an initial place. Cultivation up, Lambert"s parental ran a detective agency, The Boot reported. McLoughlin to be an aspiring model before coming to be a police officer, and his old Model Mayhem profile is still available. McLoughlin is eight years younger than his famous wife. The native new Yorker has gone a little bit country since meeting Lambert and also splits his time v his wife in between Tennessee and new York.

But, as in love together these 2 seem, there space some odd things about McLoughlin. Some could even call these points shady.

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Brendan McLoughlin appears to be fairly the ladies" man. In November 2018, the very same month that met and also fell because that Miranda Lambert, McLoughlin had actually a son with his ex-girlfriend, brand-new York City lawyer Kaihla Rettinger, follow to Heavy. In fact, Rettinger offered birth to McLoughin"s boy three job after that met Lambert, YourTango reports.

But that"s not even the shadiest part of the situation. When McLoughlin was romancing Lambert and having a baby with Rettinger, the was also engaged to an additional woman, former pro soccer player Jackie Bruno, together Heavy reported.

But wait, there"s more! (Seriously.) McLoughlin"s love life is as complicated and worthy of a nation song as Lambert"s! Bruno broke up through McLoughin after ~ she discovered out he had actually cheated on her with Rettinger. Follow to US Weekly, Rettinger called Bruno to rest the news that she was pregnant and the daddy was McLoughlin. Bruno"s mother Carol called US Weekly the McLoughlin make the efforts to deny what Rettinger claimed and begged Bruno to stay with him

Miranda, honey, us hope you have actually a prenup — and also we really hope friend don"t have to use it!

As we stated above, Brendan McLoughlin thrived up on Staten Island and also became an NYPD officer. In November 2018, McLoughlin operated a gig in ~ Good Morning America, i m sorry contracted part NYPD cops to carry out security for the show, per ABC News. It simply so happens that Miranda Lambert was booked to carry out that morning v her band, the Pistol Annies, per Country Living.

Lambert did not take any an alert of the handsome cop, but fate had actually other plans. As it turns out, McLoughlin could have been a little distracted indigenous his work-related by the pretty country music star and also that she bandmates could have noticed. "My husband to be doing defense there for the show. My girlfriends, the Annies, observed him and knew I might be all set to hang out with someone," Lambert said The brand-new York Times. "They invited him come our show behind mine back."

That seems favor a conflict of interest, however McLoughlin and Lambert eventually cleared up the matter. McLoughlin left the pressure in 2019 and now splits his time between new York, whereby his child lives, and also Nashville, where his wife"s career is based.

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If you understand anything around Miranda Lambert, it"s how much she loves animals. The country star is renowned for her dedication to animal welfare, and also the sheer variety of pets she"s built up on her farm yard over the years. As well as being one of the top-earning females in nation music, Lambert has actually somehow likewise found time to operation a pet adoption agency, Mutt Nation, per Country Living.

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That enthusiasm for animals is no something Brendan McLoughlin and also Lambert mutual when lock met, however. Although he had functioned with police dog at the NYPD, McLoughlin had actually never owned so much as a goldfish when he met his future wife, every Country Fancast. He conveniently realized he would not just be dating her, but additionally her menagerie of horses, dogs, and also cats.

While there can have to be a little bit of one adjustment duration for the city boy, McLoughlin required to farm life soon enough. Through June 2020, McLoughlin had adopted his wife"s love for homeless animals. Lambert shared a sweet story on her Instagram in which she detailed how, if driving down the highway, McLoughlin turned approximately to pick up a stray kitten top top the next of the road due to the fact that "he knew" she would "kill if witnessed it and also didn"t stop."