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Born:April 26, 1970 (age 51)Novo MestoSlovenia...(Show more)Title / Office:first lady (2017-2021)...(Show more)Notable family Members:spouse Donald Trump...(Show more)

Melania Trump, née Melania Knauss, initial name Melanija Knavs, (born April 26, 1970, Novo Mesto, Yugoslavia ), American very first lady (2017–21), the mam of Donald Trump, 45th chairman of the joined States. She was just the second foreign-born very first lady, after Louisa Adams.

Melanija Knavs thrived up in Sevnica, Yugoslavia (now in Slovenia), whereby her father sold cars and her mother functioned in the textile industry. She attend the college of Ljubljana because that one year before leaving to go after a job in modeling. She uncovered success, an initial in Slovenia and also later—under the surname Melania Knauss—in Milan and Paris. In 1996 she was lugged to new York through Paolo Zampolli’s modeling agency. In the food of she career she showed up on the covers of number of magazines, and in 2000 she modeled for Sports Illustrated’s well-known swimsuit edition.

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Knauss an initial met trump in 1998 at a fashion market party in new York City. He was then married to Marla Maples, who he to be to divorce in 1999. ~ a lengthy courtship, Trump and Knauss to be married ~ above January 22, 2005, at his legacy in Palm Beach, Florida. It to be his 3rd marriage and also her first. Among the guests at the wedding to be Hillary Clinton. In 2006 Melania provided birth come Barron william Trump, her an initial child and also Donald’s fifth. In the year she additionally became a U.S. Citizen. During this time, Melania ongoing her career. In enhancement to sometimes modeling, she marketed a heat of jewelry offered by the QVC firm and developed a line of caviar-based skin treatment products.

In 2015 Donald announced that he was entering the U.S. Presidential race. When he made immigration a main issue, the details that Melania’s very own immigration history were scrutinized, consisting of allegations that she operated in the united States prior to acquiring the suitable visa. Although Melania did not take a prominent function in the campaign, she spoke at the Republican nationwide Convention in July 2016. Her speech initially drew praise yet was later revealed come contain sentences and phrases similar to those spoken by Michelle Obama eight year previously. A speechwriter apologized because that the seeming plagiarism. Melania subsequently maintained a short profile until numerous weeks before the election, when she defended her husband ~ a collection of women accused the of sexual assault and harassment. ~ above November 8, 2016, Donald was elected president of the unified States, beating Clinton; he took office ~ above January 20, 2017.


White home photograph by Benoit Mahaux, Library that Congress, Washington, D.C. (reproduction no. LC-DIG-ppbd-00610)

Melania originally made couple of appearances as an initial lady, and also she did not move into the White residence until June, ~ her son finished the school year. However, in 2018 she released the Be best initiative, which focused on children. Its key objectives had ending cyberbullying. During her husband’s reelection campaign in 2020, Melania took a limited role, despite she speak at the Republican nationwide Convention in August. Two months later on both she and the president tested confident for COVID-19, yet both recovered. Top top November 3, 2020, Donald was beat by Joe Biden, though he challenged the results, alleging voter fraud. On January 6, 2021, his supporters attacked the Capitol as Congress was conference to certify Biden’s victory. Number of days later on Melania released a statement in which she condemned the violence and also complained around “unwarranted an individual attacks” versus her. Breaking from tradition, she walk not hold a “tea and also tour” v incoming an initial lady Jill Biden before Donald left office ~ above January 20.

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