Is there any kind of truth in the latest batch of royal wedding rumours? every week, we use our odor test to tell you those true and what stinks worse 보다 rotten kippers.

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The rumour: Meghan Markle had a secret very first husbandWhere friend heard it: The national EnquirerThe report: Markle’s condition as divorcée has actually never been in dispute, but according to a brand-new “bombshell” Enquirer covering story (is there any other kind?), Prince Harry will be the ex-actress’s 3rd kick at the matrimonial can. “How she HID past from Husband No. 2!” cases one scandalous sheathe line, introduce to “Man-eater Meghan’s” ex Trevor Engelson. Inside, an unnamed resource explains exactly how Harry to be “blindsided” through the news, which has been kept an enig until currently (per the NE), many thanks to a “hush-hush annulment.”

Subscribe come Our Newsletters — and Get all Our imperial Coverage right To her InboxThe odor test: because that the love that Liverpool — this stinks worse 보다 the royal stables after derby day! simply for starters, if Meghan had to be married prior to she married Trevor Engelson in 2011, why would she have felt the must hide it? ago then she was a Hollywood actress, present in a human being where divorce is no biggie. It’s not prefer she can have to be planning for her royal future (yes, MM might be calculated, but she’s no clairvoyant). And also even if we run through this idea of a an enig ex-hubby (whom The Enquirer never names, btw), wouldn’t we currently know around him? because that his recent publication Meghan Markle: A Hollywood Princess, imperial biographer Andrew Morton speak to dozens of people who knew Markle long before she to be one fifty percent of a commemorative bowl design. Therefore we’re an alleged to think that not one of them would have mentioned old what’s-his-name? never ever mind the fact that even “hush-hush annulments” are a issue of windy record. The Enquirer’s insider speculates that MI-5 (a.k.a. She Majesty’s mystery Service) more than likely “scrubbed the records” come conceal Markle’s past, i m sorry is completely something that MI-5 would shot to do. Except that unless they have a time machine, this is a story with way too many loosened ends. In summation: one of two people Meghan Markle does not have actually a secret first husband (smart money), or she does, and anyone that knows around it much better sleep through one eye open.

The rumour: The royal residence is freaking out around the steamy love scene in the upcoming Meghan and Harry life time movieWhere girlfriend heard it: Vanity FairThe report: In instance you room not already counting down the days, Harry & Meghan: A imperial Romance is the upcoming lifetime movie the depicts the couple’s courtship, consisting of (per this preview), some between-the-sheets time, and one scene-stealing giraffe. The that very first part the purportedly has the palace press office in a tizzy. “What i have heard is the they’re seriously worried about the sex scene,” the movie’s director, Menhaj Huda, said VF critical week, adding that his details is on an excellent authority, as his “wife’s ideal friend has actually been date the palace press secretary.”

The smell test: What really reeks right here is Huda’s indiscretion. Everything insider info he go or walk not receive via his wife’s connection, you deserve to be sure he i will not ~ be hearing anything rather in the future. (Jeez, dude — it’s referred to as protecting her source.) Is the royal residence “seriously worried” around this movie? It’s basic to see why Huda would want us to think that, since scandal sells. In truth, it’s more than likely a issue of relativity. Due to the fact that sure, they’d probably prefer that a factually based account the Harry and also Meghan’s premarital sex-fest wasn’t coming soon to a TV close to you, however it’s not like it’s a documentary. ~ above the range of imperial scandal — a 1 gift Kate Middleton’s cork wedges and also a 10 gift Prince Charles’s tampon ambitions — this is a 2.

The rumour: Meghan’s mommy Doria will tell all in an interview v OprahWhere girlfriend heard it: The MirrorThe report: critical week, The daily Mail reported that Markle’s mom visited Winfrey’s Santa Barbara Estate, wherein she continued to be for 6 hours, and also exited with presents (presumably a bunch the the large O’s favourite things). At the time, the reason for the visit to be unknown, but now The Mirror is quoting one unnamed “US TV source,” who cases that the pair were brainstorming principles for a TV illustration (well, duh). Supposedly both women room keen to comment on the reaction to Meghan and Harry with the lens of racism: “It’s an worry close come both Oprah and Doria,” quoth The Mirror’s source, including that the just thing required now is a green light native Buckingham Palace.

Rumour has actually It that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton ‘Hate each Other’s Guts.’ Is the Really The Case?The odor test: no to nitpick here, however can one interview really be a “tell-all” if the palace has to provide it? Historically, the royal household has espoused an ext of a “tell-none” method to the media. Oprah (who has interviewed pretty much everyone on the planet) never ever sat down v Diana or Charles or Queen Lizzie herself. The said, Markle is in ~ the head of a whole brand-new era, particularly when it comes to royals and the public. Both Harry and Wills have done interviews recently, discussing personal details around their own mental health, and plainly the Queen authorized those. Provided that Doria has actually thus much kept she mouth closeup of the door (unlike countless members the the Markle clan who have made a full time job of trashing their world-famous relation in the press), it’s feasible a (highly scripted) sit-down v Winfrey will certainly be her well-earned reward.

The rumour: Prince Harry will certainly wear a wedding ringWhere you heard it: E! NewsThe report: This will-he-or-won’t-he drama has been ongoing due to the fact that the engagement announcement, but now a resource is informing E! the the royal Ginger Snap “does want to wear a wedding band.” Improbably, this is one matter that is not spanned in the imperial etiquette handbook, and also is rather a matter of an individual preference: The Queen’s husband Prince Philip does no wear a ring (no huge surprise there), and neither go William, when is father, Prince Charles, does.

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The smell test: The idea the there is no existing protocol top top the topic of male finger bling is hard to fathom, however if that’s the case, this every smells quite sound. E! has actually proven to have some pretty well-placed royal sources. Meghan’s feminism can mean that she believes rings room for both genders. And also Harry is definitely an ext a jewellery man than super-traditional Wills. If imperial memory serves, he and also Meghan wore equivalent bracelets even before they walk public as a couple.