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Jennifer Lopez and also Marc Anthony an initial met in 1998. Jack Vartoogian/Getty according to us Weekly,Lopez and Anthony an initial met if backstage at singer Paul Simon"s 1998 Broadway present "The Capeman," which Anthony to be starring in.

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The two apparently briefly date after Lopez"s an initial marriage to actor Ojani Noa ended in 1998.


Jennifer Lopez operated with Marc Anthony after ~ releasing "On the 6." Kevin Mazur/ Getty

Not long after, Anthony and also Lopez collaborated ~ above the tune "No Me Ames" from her breakthrough 1999 album, "On the 6."

In 2019, Lopez reflect on making that song with Anthony, telling Billboard, "I was such a huge fan of his music in Spanish, and I was like, "Maybe we need to do miscellaneous in Spanish.""

""I just love her music,"" Lopez recalled saying. "He was like, "Let me think about it." that left the studio, and also literally five minutes after the left, that called and said, "I have the track for us.""

2000 - 2002: they both married various other people.


Dayanara Torres and also Marc Anthony at the Grammy Awards. Ron Galella/ Getty

Anthony married previous Miss world Dayanara Torres in 2000. They later divorced in 2004.

Lopez marriedher dancer and choreographer Cris Judd in 2001. Lopez filed because that divorce from Judd in 2002, citing irreconcilable differences.

In 2002, Lopez started dating she "Gigli" costar, Ben Affleck. Within a year, they were engaged.

In September 2003, Lopez and also Affleck famously postponed your wedding the day prior to it was reserved to happen.

2004: The pair ended up ago together.


after breaking things off, the couple reunited in 2004. KMazur/ Getty

According come Vulture, in her 2014 book "True Love," Lopez wrote that, at the point, she thought that they were "meant to finish up together."

June 5, 2004: The pair got married in a small, an enig ceremony.

The pair had a low-key wedding in 2004. James Devaney/ Getty

Less 보다 a main after Anthony"s divorce come Torres was finalized, the couple surprised fans by gaining married in a small, casual consciousness in her Beverly Hills residence in at an early stage June.

Sources told people that the wedding was also a surprise to household members, who were said to concerned an "afternoon party" at she house.

February 2005: They totally went public as a pair with a performance at the Grammys.

Jennifer Lopez and also Marc Anthony performed "Escapemonos" at the Grammy Awards. Michael Caulfield Archive/ Getty

During the 47th yearly Grammy Awards, lock performed the song "Escapemonos" together.

According to MTV, Lopez talked around working through Anthony on the song,adding, "We simply kept going, maintained with the flow, and also it was yes, really an incredible, farming process."

2006 - 2007: The two an unified their careers by functioning on a movie and a tour together.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony starred in "El Cantante" together. J.Sciulli/ Getty

The couple costarred in the film "El Cantante" together.

When asked about what that was like working with Anthony, she called MTV, "Marc and I don"t really arrangement things in that way. It"s always things continue organically."

That exact same year, they also went on tour together, which she said MTV she was "really excited" about.

November 2007: Lopez announced that she to be pregnant if they to be on tour.

The couple announced they to be pregnant in 2007. Kevin Mazur / Getty

During the final date of their joint concert tourism at Miami"s American airline Arena, Lopez announced they to be expecting their very first child together.

According to E!, Lopez told the crowd, "We didn"t want to to speak anything before because we didn"t desire to take away from the tour, yet we"re expecting."

February 22, 2008: their twins were born.

Marc Anthony and also Jennifer Lopez's twins to be born in 2008. Kevin Mazur/ Getty

Lopez and Anthony invited fraternal twins, Emme Maribel Muñiz and also Maximilian David Muñiz.

October 2008: The couple renewed your vows in las Vegas.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez renewed your vows in 2008. Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Four year after gaining married, the brand-new parents renewed your vows when in las Vegas at caesars Palace"s Forum Tower Penthouse. A resource told Peopleit to be "totally a spur that the minute thing."

January 2010: Lopez walk an interview whereby she stated that though marriage isn't easy, "everything" about hers is great.

Jennifer Lopez said she took pleasure in married life. Toni anne Barson save /Getty

During an interview with Latina magazine, every E!, Lopez talked around her marital relationship to Anthony, calling it "great."

"First and foremost, us love every other, important love each various other in a way that"s an extremely deep and also meaningful, no in a superficial type of way. There"s a deep respect, admiration, and also love for each other," she said.

She continued, "We honestly believe that us make every other much better people … We force each other to be better, and also I think in a relationship, that"s just how it have to be. Friend shouldn"t be through somebody if he renders you feel much less than that you are."

November 2010: They launched a way of life line at Kohl's together.

Marc Anthony and also Jennifer Lopez launched a line with each other at Kohl's in 2010. man Shearer/ Getty

In 2010, The married duo announced they"d be working together to start a way of living line in ~ the department keep Kohl"s.

It debuted in 2011. The heat of clothes and accessories was for women and men.

July 2011: Lopez and Anthony released a declare saying that they would be finishing their marriage.

Marc Anthony and also Jennifer Lopez announced their separation in 2011. Steve Granitz /Getty

In a share statement per abc News, Lopez and Anthony announced they would be separating. "This was a very an overwhelming decision," they said.

"We have concerned an amicable conclusion on every matters. It is a ache time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy in ~ this time."

August 2011: The two encountered cheating rumors the Anthony denied.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony faced some cheating rumors. Kevin Winter/American Idol 2011/ Getty

After the news of your split, rumors began flying the Anthony had actually cheated ~ above Lopez.

In August, he did an interview v ABC News denying them.

He added that civilization were do the efforts to find some reason for the split, however said "it wasn"t something sensationalistic." he explained, "It to be a currently on both ours parts… it wasn"t shocking. These things happen."

Anthony likewise explained the the two would constantly be in each other"s lives.

"We"re walking to be in each other"s resides for many, many, countless years, and I"m glad the our friendship is that solid ... What would certainly make it daunting is if we didn"t acquire along," he said.

October 2011: month after separating, the two operated on their next cooperation together.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony operated on "Q'Viva!" together. Ethan Miller/Getty

Lopez and Anthony functioned together on your Univision talent show, "Q"Viva! The Chosen," a talent present for Latin singers.

In the January 2012 premiere episode, Lopez handle the awkwardness the the exes functioning together, call their partnership "very Sonny and Cher after ~ the divorce."

June 2014: The divorce was officially finalized.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez's divorce was finalized in 2014. Kevin Mazur/ Getty

Three years after announcing your split, people reported that the divorce had been finalized and also that the pair would re-superstructure custody of their twins.

In she memoir, "True Love," follow to InStyle, Lopez wrote around the moment she knew she marriage had actually to end, speak she had a panic strike one day and that it to be "one of those moments as soon as you"re so fear you can"t even scream."

She said, "In a blur of fear and panic, i looked at and also my mother and also blurted the end the words: "I don"t think I have the right to be v Marc anymore." Then i burst right into tears."

April 2016: Lopez talked about her marital relationship ending and how hard it to be for she to gain through.

Jennifer Lopez spoke about her marriage to Marc Anthony. Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCUniversal/Getty

In one interview v W magazine, Lopez stated that when she "never gets tired" once it pertains to work, she walk get tired by her an individual situations.

"When my marriage ended, it to be not basic to find forgiveness," she said. "It wasn"t the dream the I had actually hoped for, and it would have actually been much easier to fan the flames of resentment, disappointment, and anger. Yet Marc is the father of mine children, and also that"s never ever going away. So, I need to work to make points right. And that is, by far, the hardest work-related I do."

March 2017: Lopez stated that she and Anthony space 'best friends.'

Jennifer Lopez claimed she is quiet close v her ex. Nathan Congleton/NBCU picture Bank/NBCUniversal/Getty

During an illustration on "Live through Kelly," Lopez revealed that the exes had managed to become really close. "We room like best friends," she said.

She go on to say that they were functioning on one album together. Though she was worried she said, "It"s to be awesome."

She added, "Honestly, ns think it"s also helped our relationship and also it"s made things also better."

December 2019: Anthony common a photograph of the two of lock on Instagram.

Marc Anthony mutual photos that Jennifer Lopez on his Instagram in 2019. Paras Griffin/Getty

Nearly two years later, Anthony confirmed that their friendship had actually remained solid when he common a picture on Instagram.

In the photo, Anthony and also Lopez held hands v their daughter, and the inscription read, "Nothing however love in between us.

February 2020: Lopez claimed she had actually to go to treatment after your divorce.

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Jennifer Lopez speak to Oprah around her an individual journey after her divorce. Emma McIntyre /Getty

During one interview v Oprah Winfrey, Lopez talked around her divorce with Anthony again, calling the "the shortest time of mine life." She go on come say, "I felt like I had failed miserably and also that ns wasn"t walking to offer my kids what they needed."

She also said the she realized she required to learn how to love herself and how to it is in comfortable v being alone.

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