Chelsea room the present holders the the UEFA champion League. A full of 22 clubs have won the Champions league title. Genuine Madrid have actually won the Champions league the most times. The UEFA champion League has been winner by 22 clubs all together, 14 the which have won it more than once. Actual Madrid is the most successful society in the tournament"s history, having actually won that 13 times, conquering the first five seasons. As of now, Cristiano Ronaldo is the command scorer in the tournament’s history followed through Lionel Messi.

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UEFA Champions organization Winners list by year

2020-21ChelseaManchester City1-0
2019-20Bayern MunichParis St-Germain0-1
2017-18Real MadridLiverpool3-1
2016-17Real MadridJuventus4-1
2015-16Real MadridAtlético Madrid1-1 (5–3)
2013-14Real MadridAtlético Madrid4-1
2012-13Bayern MunichBorussia Dortmund2-1
2011-12ChelseaBayern Munich1-1 (4–3)
2010-11BarcelonaManchester United3-1
2009-10InternazionaleBayern Munich2-0
2008-09BarcelonaManchester United2-0
2007-08Manchester UnitedChelsea1-1 (6–5)
2001-02Real MadridBayer Leverkusen2-1
2000-01Bayern MunichValencia1-1
1999-00Real MadridValencia3-0
1998-99Manchester UnitedBayern Munich2-1
1997-98Real MadridJuventus1-0
1996-97Borussia DortmundJuventus3-1

The UEFA Champions league was introduced in 1955 as the european Cup and also was a straight knockout vain initially, open just to the champion club of each nation. The competition to be renamed to UEFA Champions organization from the 1992–93 season, after undergoing some diverse changes of marketing and also TV rights.

The champions league lugged with the a round-robin group stage, enabling multiple entries from details countries and also has because been growing, with some of the the strongest leagues now offering up to five teams to take part in this yearly tournament.

The tournament begins v a group stage of 32 teams, divided into eight groups.

The to win team and also the runners-up from each group then development to the following round, while the third-placed team start the, 2nd tier, UEFA Europa League.

For the ring of 16, the winning team indigenous one team is matched up versus the runners-up from one more group, and the teams from the very same association might not it is in drawn versus each other. However, beginning from the quarter-finals, the draw is totally random, without the protection of association.

The knockout gamings are played in a two-legged format, except the final.



1) Who has actually won the Champions organization the many times?

genuine Madrid has won the Champions organization 13 times, dominating the first five seasons.

2) who won the first Champions League?

The an initial Champions league was won by actual Madrid during the 1955-56 season.

3) i m sorry teams have won the champion League?

Real Madrid - 13

AC Milan - 7

Liverpool - 6

Barcelona - 5

Bayern Munich - 6

AFC Ajax - 4

Manchester United - 3

Internazionale Milano - 3

Benfica - 2

Juventus - 2

Porto - 2

Chelsea - 2

Nottingham Forest - 2

Aston Villa, Borussia Dortmund, Celtic, Feyenoord, Hamburg, Marseille, PSV Eindoven, Red Star Belgrade and Steaua București have one title each.

4) How many English teams have won the champions League?

Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and also Nottingham woodland are the 5 English groups to have won the champions League.

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5) who won the UEFA Champions organization in 2020?

Bayern Munich won the 2020 UEFA Champions organization with the last score 1-0. Castle beat Paris Saint-Germain F.C. And also secured their 5th Champions League title.

5) who won the UEFA Champions organization in 2021?

Chelsea won the 2021 UEFA champion League final after a 1-0 victory versus fellow Premier organization giants Manchester City.