Lorenzo Lamas is making certain everyone to know he is involved – regardless of previously saying he wouldn't obtain married again after his fifth wife!

The actor, 63, updated his Facebook partnership status on July 24 - 5 months ~ popping the concern to 36-year-old Idaho native Kenna Nicole Smith. 

While the soap star previously announced his engagement, not many fans establish he was when again heading down the aisle.

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"Kenna and I met v my Godmother Francesca Daniels critical April. Ns proposed come Kenna on Thursday the 11th the February In las Vegas. She welcomed my lifetime Valentine's request," he claimed in a push release soon after asking Smith to marry him.

The Grease alum and also Smith date 10 months prior to getting engaged and also Lamas said that time to be "the most romantic month of my life and also we have actually fallen deeply in love." 



"It is a love like no other and we look forward to the job we come to be husband and also wife," Lamas said. "Sometimes love waits because that the stars to align and also two soul paths to intersect. We room ecstatic!"

On Instagram announcing the engagement, that wrote, "Kenna and also I got engaged in vegas last night. I know I know, what the hell was she thinking?!"



"One points for sure, we both feel favor we've winner the love lottery v each other. Because our very first embrace, she's hosted me captive. She fills my heart through feelings I've never ever felt, dreams I've never had and also wishes I've never ever thought of," the actor continued. "Kenna Nicole, the love of my life, said she'd take it my hand in marriage in order that we invest our lifetime together as one and also I couldn't feel an ext joy in my heart. Love conquers every my friends."

The Renegade actor and also his fiancée commemorated their engagement last month by obtaining tattoos on every other's ring fingers. The 63-year-old had actually "KL" tattooed through a heart, presuming to was standing for Kenna Lamas, and also the former model had her fiance's initials "LL" inked on she ring finger in addition to a heart.

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Lamas has been married 5 times: Victoria Hilbert indigenous 1981 to 1982, Michele blacksmith from 1983 come 1985, kathleen Kinmont from 1989 come 1993, Shauna Sand native 1996 to 2002 and most recently, Shawna Craig native 2011 to 2018. Lamas previously dubbed Shawna his "last wife."

The actor shares son A.J. And daughter Shayne through the late Smith; daughters  Alexandra Lynne, Victoria and Isabella Lorenza, through Kinmont, 56; and also daughter Patton Lee native a previous relationship with Daphne Ashbrook.

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Discussing his past marital relationships in an Instagram birthday tribute come Smith, the gibbs said, "My fiancée has taught me how to love again after number of failed relationship left me hurt and also confused."

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"Her kids aid me discover the kid in me again! I've found the spring of youth and also it's within united state all. It is in positive, think positively," Lamas added. "Every morning we wake up and get a fresh page to compose our life story. Make it a bestseller!"

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