Kim Kardashian is a renowned American reality TV star, who has actually been married 3 times. Her very first marriage come music producer Damon Thomas finished after 7 months in 2003. The 2nd one was with singer Kris Humphries and also lasted 72 days in 2011. In 2014 she acquired married because that the 3rd time to rapper Kanye West on may 24th of that year.

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How countless Times has actually Kim Kardashian to be Married?

Below us have described each and every marital relationship with brief details.

DAMON thomas – first Marriage

Kim had her heart collection on coming to be a pop star once she married Damon Thomas, but he also wanted to it is in an artist and also producer.He to be 10 years older 보다 Kim at the time they met in 2000, and also it appears that their age distinction played right into some the the battles in your marriage: “I simply felt prefer I couldn’t do anything there is no him approving,” claimed Kardashian about living through his strict rules for music production.As things progressed between them, however, Kim claims that he became controlling and also verbally abusive in the direction of her- at some point leading come divorce proceedings gift filed by 2013’s end (as viewed on maintaining Up with The Kardashians). She never ever really speaks much about this subject matter though we get more insight native one.

KRIS HUMPHRIES – 2nd Marriage

Kris Humphries proposed to Kim Kardashian through a $2 million diamond ring. Her household was surprised about the proposal together they only met him a grasp of times before he popped the question and she accepted his marriage proposal on might 25, 2011 in brand-new Orleans after simply 3 month of discovering each other.

Their wedding expense an astounding $10 million dollars yet lasted for barely 72 job from their fairy-tale union till it ended – citing “irreconcilable differences” in between them that couldn’t be addressed by counseling or negotiation sessions.

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KANYE WEST – third Marriage

The story of Kim and Kanye’s romance is one for the ages. They an initial met in 2003 however didn’t begin dating till 2011 when they showed up together ~ above “Keeping Up v The Kardashians.” It’s worth noting the while he was trying to convince her no to marry Kris Humphries, she refuse his advice and also ended increase marrying the anyway!

But things adjusted once much more after their daughter north West come – Kanye appointed himself together a permanent daddy figure, taking them both around the world: Paris because that an extravagant wedding ceremony; Italy wherein they had actually three an ext children Saint, Psalm, and Chi by surrogate. They separated in 2021.