Your engagement ring deserve to say a whole lot around the connection you"re in and the individual you"re marrying – specifically if you"re Jennifer Lopez, who has been engaged five times, and also married three. For this reason in this case, it"s all around quantity and quality.

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With her and former fire Ben Affleck (who gifted her among those 5 rings back in 2002) back on since earlier this summer, and him having been spotted lurking and eyeing the products at Tiffany"s just last week alongside his mother and also son, rumours space flying the the actor could be ready to propose to Lopez however again.

Although it"s likely he"d it is in a little an ext discreet (and actually might have just been in the center of a family members scavenger hunt – also cuter), it"s a great time totake a look ago at all of Lopez"s vault rings. Because here"s a fun fact: every ring was pricier and also bigger 보다 the one before, and also that means Affleck has obtained to not only top himself however all the other boys. Therefore what"s he increase against?

Ojani Noa

Lopez was married come this cute Cuban waiter for virtually a year, from February 1997 to January 1998, and also actually met him while at friend Gloria Estefan"s restaurant. He proposed v a $100,000 marquise-cut diamond ring.

This was simply on the cusp the the release of biopic Selena, starring Lopez, and also which kicked off she superstardom, therefore let"s just say she permit the dead weight drop in ~ the ideal time. Because soon after their split, although the 2 attempted to continue to be friends and also even service partners of she fledgling restaurant Madre"s (remember that?), he attempted to sell a tell-all book around her and also publish various other details about her personal life, leave her v no an option but to sue the guy and also banish that from she life.


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Cris Judd

Then come Cris Judd, among Lopez"s back-up dancers in her "Love Don"t price A Thing" music video, in 2001, simply after she two-year partnership with P. Diddy (lest we forget). The popped the question with an emerald-cut ring, which featured smaller sized diamonds throughout the band, and also was valued to be simply over $100,000.

The pair were together from the September till June 2002, this time through a lot less turmoil.


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Ben Affleck, 1.0

Lopez"s very first true love (literally, she has referred come him therefore over the years) come along in 2002, leaving the civilization gushing at their sweet romance. In it to victory it, Affleck proposed to Lopez at his childhood house in Boston, filling it with candles and also with her own music blasting, through the aid of his mommy (who loves Lopez). He acquired down top top one knee and also presented the greatest rock she"d viewed yet – aptly: a 6.1 carat radiant-cut pink diamond indigenous Harry Winston, i beg your pardon reportedly cost Affleck $1.2 million, and even kicked off the colour engagement ring trend. I may be biased, however listen, no ring has suited Lopez more.


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Marc Anthony

Lopez and also Affleck called off your wedding and also called it quits in 2004 when the publicity surrounding their relationship ended up being too lot and, complying with what would soon become a pattern, she went earlier to one old flame: singer Marc Anthony.

The 2 married in June 2004, after that proposed through an 8.5 carat blue diamond, which expense a chuck $4 million, and likewise came from well known jeweller to the stars take care of Winston. One incredibly meaningful relationship, your union resulted in the bear of her two children, Max and also Emme, in 2008. Although the two break-up in 2011, they"ve had an exceptionally friendly connection since. I beg your pardon is impressive, due to the fact that in she 2014 memoir True Love, she provided that Anthony, who verified up three days after ~ her reserved wedding come Affleck, to be a "Band-Aid ~ above the cut." If only diamonds can heal all wounds.


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Alex Rodriguez

Finally, we concerned thee new York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez, who Lopez started dating in 2017, just a year after her on-off connection with former back-up dancer Casper clever concluded. The 2 looked favor the perfect match, also just in star wattage, and also easily blended their families. A match made in heaven? Hm. That proposed in 2019 through a $5 million emerald-cut diamond (a layout she"d seen before, oops), which was reportedly between 10 and also 15 carats. How she hosted up she hand with this rock weighing it down, we will never ever know. The 2 sadly break-up in 2021, after ~ rumours the his cheating began.

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So what have the right to we surmise? Lopez is a mrs deserving of something pretty, shiny and hefty, and I don"t simply mean Ben Affleck. If he is in the marketto yes, really lock the down, he"s gotta salary up. Though currently that he"s gained a few Oscars, box-office winners, and also heartbreaks of his own under his belt, something speak me he"s obtained nothing to issue about. True loves seldom do.

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