Jennifer Garner has actually a lot of going for her, so it‘s no wonder the successful and talented actress uncovered love through a handful of eligible bachelors. 

Over the years, the Miracles from sky star has actually been romantically linked to an achieved businessman and also a few Hollywood hunks. Even though she is a household name, Jennifer appears to be open to dating males who lead a more private life. 

Jennifer ended up being one of America’s sweethearts after ~ starring as Sydney Bristow in the ABC series Alias starting in 2001. “I nothing remember having much more fun working v anyone 보다 I’ve had working with her,” creator J. J. Abrams said while talking about her come Vanity same in 2016. “She’s smart-funny — she renders you desire to be funnier and smarter, and you know that as soon as you throw the ideal you’ve got her way, she’ll make it better. No one’s perfect. But no one’s Jen Garner.”

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Inside Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner"s Rocky partnership Timeline

During her time top top the series, the demonstrate sparked romance rumors v her then-costar Michael Vartan ~ above the heels that her separation from ex-husband Scott Foley. Complying with her divorce from the Felicity star, she dropped head over heels in love v Ben Affleck, and also they walk on to get married and welcome children Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

The duo at some point went with a very publicized breakup in June 2015, however she revealed she plans to remain on an excellent terms v Ben post-split. 

“The key thing is these youngsters — and we’re fully in line v what us hope because that them,” Jennifer stated in the exact same 2016 interview. 

Two years later on in October 2018, the was shown the Emmy-nominated star remained in a partnership with business man John Miller. The romance originally lasted for two years, together In Touch shown in respectable 2020 they split up before Los Angeles “went right into lockdown” amid the coronavirus pandemic. By may 2021, however, the two were back on.

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Scott Foley

After she appeared as a guest star on Felicity, Jennifer and Scott couldn’t help but grow solid feelings because that each other. The duo ended up making it official by trading their vow in October 2000. They were married for 3 years before getting separated. By march 2004, their divorce to be finalized. 

In hindsight, the actress claimed she would have actually reconsidered obtaining hitched. “Everyone will maturity at different times. I wish I’d known to wait for marriage until ns was 30 or over,” Jennifer told The Sun. “I did marry in mine twenties and also I discovered divorce a crushing experience. I assumed the divorce statistics would certainly never use to me. Ns was past heartbroken when they did.”