Anyone who has adhered to Jenelle Evans" story starting when she provided birth come her earliest child, Jace, top top MTV"s "16 & Pregnant" to she appearances ~ above "Teen mom 2" to know just how tumultuous she life has actually been over the years. She is currently a mom to three children — Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley — and also is married come David Eason, the father of her youngest child. Although she appears to be in a much better place overall than as soon as she was as a teenage mom, life hasn"t been simple for Jenelle. Once Jace to be a baby, Jenelle was forced to hand over custody to her mother, Barbara, due to being unable to treatment for him, per Journal. She was additionally involved in many different relationships, part healthier 보다 others, prior to ending up through David.

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Throughout the years, the fact television star has been accused of gift an not suitable mom and is regularly the target of criticism, follow to cafe Mom. The transgressions have actually been small, ranging from attract a lengthy necklace that was left dangling close to baby Kaiser"s face while she was wearing that in a carrier to permitting a young Jace come play the violent video clip game, "Grand Theft Auto." 

However, not all accusations have been there is no merit, as Jenelle has found herself ~ above the wrong side of the law more than once and embroiled in cases that can put her children in danger. Keep reading to find out more about Jenelle"s lengthy arrest record.

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Jenelle Evans has actually been arrested 15 times, beginning in 2010 with an arrest because that breaking and entering coupled through possession of drug paraphernalia, as reported by E! News. When she was fortunate to have some of the charges dismissed in this very first arrest, she ended up v a one-year probation. However, this would only be the start of the "Teen Mom" star"s run-ins with the law. 

In 2011, she was arrested again for assault and affray as soon as she obtained into a fight. The results of this arrest were an ext severe, and Jenelle ended up v a "30 job suspended prison sentence and also a year the probation after being convicted of affray," every the outlet. Drug use a few months later landed her in handcuffs because that a 3rd time, when a fourth arrest in 2012 came after she was accused of making "harassing call calls" come her previous roommate.

Unfortunately, the arrests maintained coming, with most following incidents the harassment, drug usage or possession, violating the regards to her probations, and/or fights. Jenelle regularly denied the charges made against her, creating them off together false or who else"s fault, follow to E! News. For example, as soon as she to be arrested because that harassing her previous roommate, Hannah Inman, she said E! News, "I think they room trying to fee me with things out that spite." Despite much more than a dozen arrests under she belt, it appears Jenelle might be transforming a corner, together she has stayed far from jail as of late.

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Jenelle Evans might be the "Teen Mom" star through the most arrests under her belt, yet she definitely isn"t the just one, together reported by In Touch Weekly. Other teen mommy Farrah Abraham is one more who has actually seen the inside of a jail cell. In 2018, she was arrested "for misdemeanor battery and trespassing" following an incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Return she initially faced jail time, Farrah gained off v a little bit of neighborhood service and two year of probation. Amber Portwood didn"t get so happy after being discovered guilty of a felony drug charge. She to be sentenced to 5 years in prison and served 17 months of her sentence prior to getting released. 

It wasn"t simply the teenager mothers that have uncovered themselves in trouble through the legislation over the years; some of their significant others have also been booked on charges ranging from steering without license plates and also drug usage to not paying child support, every In Touch. "Teen Mom" star Chelsea Houska"s ex, Adam Rind, has actually been arrested on an ext than one chance for failure to pay child support for their daughter, Aubree. Briana DeJesus" ex, Devoin Austin, to be arrested in 2017 after the didn"t present for a court date regarding previous medicine charges and also spent one month in jail. Jenelle has also dated she fair re-superstructure of law-breakers, consisting of past beaus Kieffer Delp and Nathan Griffith, and current husband, David Eason.