After virtually two years of no snowfall, snow has been viewed falling in neighborhoods and piling up on the nearby mountains. 

The cold winter storm will continue to track throughout Southern Nevada through Tuesday morning. Eye levels will be falling v Monday night, happen the chance for much more snow throughout the las Vegas Valley.

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LVMPD search & Rescue rescued a hiker that was injured & can not walk, off a Mtn around 300 ft above ground. White out problems prevented aerial support, rope rescue to be executed. #PIO1NEWS #SnowEvent2021

— ras Vegas FireRescue (
LasVegasFD) January 26, 2021

About 10 a.m., las Vegas Fire and Rescue rescued a hiker that was injured. Officials said crews had to ascend come the person injured, treat the fracture, then "package" them because that decent to the parking lot 300 feet below.

The human was required to the hospital whereby they to be stable. 


The eye falling on highway 160 to be too lot for some vehicles come handle, stranding some till the roads were plowed.

Once that happened, the hill Springs area west of las Vegas turned right into a sight-seeing destination.

“You’ve acquired to gain the winter weather,” claimed Jay Jiles, a las Vegas resident that drove up to mountain Springs to reap the snow.

Amy Castaldo, additionally from las Vegas, agreed. She lugged her youngsters to see and also play in the snow.

“You understand the children are all stuck at home right now,” she said.

Anthony Skeirik native Henderson piled his family members into your van and drove 40 minutes v rain and the eye for the experience.

“Something we don’t watch all the time. We’re certainly excited to be here,” that said.

On the various other hand, some world decided the danger of steering in snow was not worth it, and turned around. Road conditions were slippery and also wet during the job on Monday.


At about 3,500 feet over sea level, the neighborhood of Summerlin sees cooler temperature year round. It is why this winter precipitation resulted in snow falling indigenous the skies in Summerlin throughout lot of the day.

Kids had actually a lot of fun around Las Vegas this day in the snow, and much more is supposed on Tuesday.

Some Summerlin siblings said also a pandemic can’t take away the joy and also delight of play in the snow.

“We were like, "Oh mine gosh, the snowing!" we all went exterior taking photos, it was so pretty," stated Ava Peterson. Yet their eye party didn’t end in their very own yard. “And climate it started getting, like, heavier and also heavier so us all went approximately the park."

And in true winter fashion, her brothers Ry said they played in the snow and even "threw snowballs at each other.”

This is a type of funny these youngsters said they haven’t felt in a lengthy time.

“It’s been inside all the time, school’s online, so we don’t have actually much excitement, so we can’t yes, really go anywhere, so. I mean it to be fun," said Peterson.


Areas that the ras Vegas Valley have to expect come see an ext snow on Tuesday morning.

We"ve been seeing eye mix in through the showers over the Summerlin area today. As we proceed to cool turn off tonight, eye levels will be dropping low sufficient that the remainder of the valley has the potential for snow right into Tuesday morning.

A winter weather advisory is in effect for the valley whereby a map to an inch is possible for much of the valley. Greater elevations like Summerlin can see upwards that one to three inches that snow.


Snowfall at Red absent Canyon top top Monday triggered officials to stop allowing visitors due to weather conditions.

This storm moves the end Tuesday afternoon, setting us up for drier weather into the middle of the week.

A couple of mountain showers may linger on Wednesday with highs about 50°.

The following storm move in Friday with boosting rain showers around the las Vegas Valley. This will be a warmer system with highs back in the mid 50s. The weekend is trending dry through high temperature holding in the mid 50s.


Click any type of location ~ above the map and also it will tell girlfriend the elevation.

With snowfall in southerly Nevada so elevation dependent, the a an excellent resource to have. We’ve watched snow mix in this morning because that Summerlin around 3,000 feet. As we head right into tonight, snow levels will continue to autumn down to around 1,800 feet. This will certainly be low enough that any showers right into Tuesday morning room expected to be in the form of snowfall for much of the ras Vegas Valley.

For the highway passes, mountain Pass south of Primm is around 4,700 feet and also Mountain Springs between Las Vegas and Pahrump is around 5,500 feet. The is why we are seeing higher accumulation in those areas.


Weather professionals are warning the it will likely cause minimal visibility top top the roads, and unsafe driving problems in some areas.

"Those roads are gonna be slippery," stated Tim Szymanski ~ above Sunday, windy education and information officer for ras Vegas Fire and also Rescue.

A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper claimed in the kind of winter weather southern Nevada is about to see, the frequency of roadway crashes tends to increase.

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"We don"t view a the majority of rainfall here in ras Vegas, so as soon as we do gain it, it causes the roadways to become very slick at first, due to the fact that of the oil -- the dried oil -- therefore we constantly encourage motorists to constantly watch her speed," stated Trooper Ashlee Wellman.

Snow not expected to collection on #LasVegas roadways.HOWEVER, that's no to say web traffic won't back up throughout your morning commute from people slowing to take it photos of falling snow.