American singer-songwriters Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood recently attended the 43rd Kennedy center Honors. The yearly event is organized annually to honor the donation of artist from the performing art industry.

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Garth Brooks was one of the artist honored this year, alongside cock Van Dyke, Debbie Allen, Midori, and Joan Baez. He graced the occasion through his mam Trisha, even posting a photo with her boasting the honorary medallion on Instagram.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, gibbs Bradley Cooper took to the phase to present Garth Brooks together the humblest man ever.

“There’s nation music, rock, gospel, honky-tonk, and also then yes Garth Brooks. Garth is a strength hitter, that swung because that the fences and also shattered the barriers between music genres, forever broadening the vocabulary of country music and transforming American culture.”

As a part of the tribute, Jimmy Allen extended Garth’s “Friends in short Places,” James Taylor sang “The River,” and also Gladys items performed “We Shall it is in Free.” Singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson lent her voice to sing a rendition of Brooks’ all-time fight number “The Dance.”

The 59-year-old was sitting next to Trisha Yearwood during the event. The duo was visibly moved throughout the tribute. The musician also got very emotional together tributes continued to to water in and also cheered ~ above the performances because that the night.


Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood showed up as co-hosts in a recent episode of “The Ellen Show.” The couple, married for an ext than 15 years, shared their take it on love and also marriage ~ above the show.

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A look right into Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood’s relationship and marriage

Both artists share one of the sweetest love stories in the people of music. The friends-turned-lovers an initial met during a demo studio recording back in 1987. Garth Brooks to be married come Sandy Mahl, when Trisha Yearwood was wedded come Christopher Latham once they met.

The duo linked well and also became friends best after. They have additionally collaborated on several jobs over the years. Brooks and also Yearwood also won a Grammy compensation for ideal Country participation for “In Another’s Eyes.”

Amid various personal and experienced struggles, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood’s friendship stayed a constant.


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By the 2000s, Garth had actually divorced his an initial wife, Sandy. Trisha had referred to as it quits v her an initial husband Christopher and 2nd husband Robert Reynolds by then.

In 2002, the two attended the red carpet that the 33rd hall of fame Awards Induction together. Soon after, the pair went public around their relationship.

In may 2005, Garth Brooks took anyone by surprise as soon as he proposed come Trisha Yearwood in front of 7000 world during the unveiling the his copper statue in ~ Buck Owen’s crystal Palace. The latter shared to united state Weekly the she was utterly take away aback even though she said yes.

“He acquired the frosting unveiled in ~ night, and also it had a wedding ring ~ above it. And I to be like, ‘Hey, they make a mistake here.’ and then he said, ‘This is walk to be standing forever. I want my wedding ring come Trisha on this.’”

The pair bound the node the very same year and also stands as one of the the strongest couples in the sector today. Throughout the current Ellen appearance, Garth Brooks used a music analogy to talk about his married life.

“I think friend gotta act it favor a duet. Friend gotta harmonize. Friend gotta do your partner feel choose they’re a star. And, if not, you gonna turn right into a solo action pretty damn quick, if you know what i mean. We’re talking around lone fiddler, base solo.”

During Trisha Yearwood’s recent battle with COVID, her husband took to Facebook come share that his world begins and ends v her and pledged to obtain through the difficult times together.

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Garth shares 3 children, Taylor (28), august (26), and also Allie (24), v ex-wife Sandy. Despite he and Trisha perform not share any children yet, she is yes, really close come his daughters.