Howard Kurtz: Media have already moved on from Afghanistan situation

"MediaBuzz" hold Howard Kurtz joins Martha MacCallum to weigh in ~ above the media stepping ago from proceeding to cover the crisis in Afghanistan after ~ the U.S. Departure on "The Story"

False stories provided to be minimal to a single outlet. Currently they spread favor wildfire, fueled by technology that burns previous the remnants of any guardrails.

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It’s crept up on us almost to the suggest where it’s the new Normal.

And what distorts the instance even additional is the flood of misinformation and propaganda masquerading together news, leaving us without a collection of commonly accepted truth — on election fraud and vaccines and also just around every other issue.

But there’s one element here that is undeniable: practically all the mistakes, missteps and misfires go versus conservatives. This was apparent on an virtually daily basis as soon as Donald Trump was president. Once it pertains to left-leaning outfits and also commentators, the create finger has never been much faster — as long as the target is top top the other ideological side.


Now I’m not saying one of two people side has a monopoly on false reporting. But in the era of woke newsrooms, a farming share of the wrong-headed strikes come native the left. And in the battle for clicks, just a dwindling minority feels any type of need to check on allegations prior to helping them walk viral.

In the era of wake up newsrooms, a cultivation share of the wrong-headed assaults come indigenous the left.

The recent fiasco involves ivermectin, the drug supplied in both humans and animals, i m sorry some people are making use of to act Covid-19 also though the FDA states it’s useless. Therefore the best is sympathetic come the drug and the left dismisses it as snake oil for Trump types.

The NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City, KFOR, ran a story quoting a solitary doctor for a item as saying gunshot victims and others to be being turned away from regional emergency rooms due to the fact that they to be overrun by civilization who had actually overdosed ~ above ivermectin.

A single phone call would have actually disproven the story, however that, apparently, is too much to ask these days. After all, no a solitary hospital v this problem was identified.

The hospital system this doctor is linked with stated that not only had its ERs not been overrun, it had actually not cure a single case that ivermectin overdose, and also the doctor hadn’t operated at that location in 2 months. Total fake news.

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Rolling stone has bring away plenty of heat, and also deservedly so, because that helping take it the story nationally and broadening that to include a swipe at podcaster Joe Rogan, who says ivermectin helped him get over the virus. This is the exact same magazine the reported ~ above a gang rape that never happened in ~ the college of Virginia, based upon a shaky source, and resolved a lawsuit by paying $1.65 million to a fraternity there.

But Rolling rock had plenty of company. Native Rachel Maddow (who has left the KFOR tweet up) come the Guardian, from Newsweek come the day-to-day Mail to the day-to-day News, too many of places trumpeted this non-news.


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