Dolly Parton is among the many iconic and successful nation singers of all time.

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Even if you're not a massive country fan, you'll no doubt have heard the Dolly Parton. And also chances are, friend love her.

Dolly is earlier with a brand brand-new festive album, A Holly Dolly Christmas, complete of duets including Michael Bublé and also Miley Cyrus.Meanwhile, she's likewise starring in a brand-new Netflix movie Christmas on the Square, therefore she's here to conserve the world!

Here space all the large facts around Dolly that all fans have to know:

Dolly Parton age: exactly how old is she?

Dolly to be born on January 19, 1946.

She celebrated her 74th birthday in 2020.

What to be Dolly Parton's partnership with Porter Wagoner?

In 1967, country star Porter Wagoner invite Dolly to join his company, giving her a continuous spot top top his weekly TV collection The Porter Wagoner Show, and also in his live road show.

Wagoner convinced his label, RCA Victor, to sign her. They videotaped several albums and singles together, and also became among the country's most popular and successful double acts.

Dolly had always wanted a solo career, and decided to leave Wagoner's company. Your last duet concert took ar in April 1974, and also she left his TV display in mid-1974. Their last album together was 1975's speak Forever You'll be Mine.

Wagoner died in 2007 in ~ the age of 80. Dolly to be at his bedside alongside his family. 'I Will always Love You' to be written about her skilled break up from Wagoner.

What is Dolly Parton's network worth?

Dolly Parton is approximated to be worth a huge $500m (£367m).

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