She"s one of the most renowned voices in radio, trotting out love advice and dedicating sappy love songs to she late-night listeners for decades. Yet how well do you really recognize Delilah? Let"s take a closer look at the radio icon"s plenty of ups and also downs, from her tense beforehand days v her parents to her now-iconic gig behind the mic. Hear up.

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Given her incredible success in radio, not to point out her penchant because that picking the perfect love song, it provides sense that Delilah"s relationship with music dates ago to an early age.

"I have constantly loved music," Delilah Rene Luke told WNYC in February 2016. "My father to be a musician; he had a country-western band. Ns was raised roughly people that danced–my parents would go out the Eagles or the Elks every weekend for this reason they can dance. Music has constantly been a component of my life."

According to BuzzFeed, she dropped in love with the airwaves in 1971, the year she obtained her very first radio and visited the only local AM terminal in she hometown of Reedsport, Ore. "You know just how most kids have posters of sports heroes on their walls?" she recalled. "They gave me reams the the old news copy and also I had actually those tape-recorded in mine bedroom. And I would practice reading the news."


As one might expect indigenous a human who found success on the radio, Delilah has actually been a really talkative person due to the fact that she was simply a tiny kid. In fact, follow to the Washington Post, elementary college teachers frequently sent reports home claiming she had actually "a difficulty with extreme talking." according to Delilah, "I actually had a teacher tape my mouth shut with duct tape."

Delilah channeled she gift because that gab right into an oratorical dispute in eighth grade, and also during the competition, she caught the eye of two judges who functioned for a regional radio station. Those judges, Steve and Jerome Kenagy, offered Delilah her very first gig in radio at the period of 14, reported the Washington Post


Despite her auspicious beginning, Delilah had a daunting time establishing her radio career. Also when she uncovered some success, as she did on Seattle"s KLSY in the "80s, she couldn"t avoid the pink slip. "The consultant go a report wherein he claimed that Delilah "is the tail wagging the dog,"" she called BuzzFeed. ""If you"re ever before going to have actually success ~ above this station, you need to eliminate her." ns said, "You gotta be f*****g kidding me! I"m number one, the remainder of your day components suck, therefore the means to make them effective is to have something crappy on at night?""

As radio relied less and also less on basic listening, Delilah struggled to find a ar to dig in, losing jobs at station in Boston and also Philadelphia. It to be only as soon as she moved to Rochester, N.Y. In the mid-"90s the success in syndication began to seem choose a possibility. According to the Washington Post, in ~ a few years, she was earlier in Seattle and also being broadcast on an ext than 200 train station nationwide.

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Speaking to NPR in august 2016, Delilah opened up up around the tense connection she had actually with her father, a male she claimed was "hell-bent ~ above controlling" her.

"In his mind, he was doing it out of love, to protect me," she said. "In mine mind, , get the heck out of my way. And so i left home the job I i graduated high school. We had an argument, and he said me come be house at midnight, and I said no. And so as soon as I go come home, the door was locked. And also I had gained a set of luggage for graduation that day, and it to be on the prior porch, packed." 

She continued, "He thought that he to be going to prove a allude and ns was going come say, oh, I"m sorry, Daddy, I"m sorry. Ns should"ve listened come you. And instead, ns was like, check out you, wouldn"t desire to be you. And that was that."

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Delilah said NPR that her relationship with she father fell apart as soon as she dropped in love with a black man.

"My father to be a racist." she said. "So as soon as I came residence with my first husband, who was black, that ran come the total closet and also unlocked his gun, and also I was greeted v a gun to mine forehead. And he said, you"ve acquired to the counting of three before I traction the trigger."

She continued, "And so I, the course, start, girlfriend know, saying with the . And my future husband ordered me by the arm and yanked me out of there and across the street lickety-split."

According come a CNN profile, Delilah"s mother additionally abandoned her due to the fact that of her very first marriage; however, she had the ability to "make some semblance the peace" with her prior to she died. Delilah and her dad never reconciled.

Although she"s recognized for giving out love advice on her syndicated radio speak show, Delilah"s personal experience through affairs of the heart has actually been a rocky one. Instance in point: she"s been married four times and also divorced three.

Delilah thorough some of her failed romances in a February 2017 interview with People magazine. "My an initial husband to be charming, funny, handsome, hard-working and a finish alcoholic and also womanizer," she claimed. "We met once I was 21, married in ~ 22, pregnant in ~ 23, a mommy at 24, separated at 25 and divorced before I rotate 26. That"s once he left me v our son and his two youngsters from a previous marriage." (Her ex, George Harris, debated Delilah"s account of their marriage, claiming, among other things, the she in reality threw him out.)

Her second union wasn"t any type of easier. "I jumped out of the frying pan right into the fire and also at 28 ns was married for less than two months come a male who turned the end to it is in a cocaine and heroin user," she claimed.

Marriage No. 3–to the eight-years-younger Douglas Ortega–ended in divorce in 2001. According to the Washington Post, Delilah cases she "grew exhausted of being the family"s breadwinner," however Ortega says "they do a share decision to support her career end his and that their marriage foundered for other reasons, consisting of their age difference."

Delilah"s colony has grown exponentially over the years. She provided birth to three kids during her marital relationships (one from she first; and also two from she third) and adopted ten much more children (yes, ten). While her big brood has actually no doubt brought love and joy, she has additionally experienced tragedy. 

According to People, her adopted son, Sammy, passed away of complications from sickle-cell anemia in in march 2012. "As painful together this moment is, i am therefore so for this reason so therefore thankful that God permitted me, my family and friends to suffer the significance of his heart for the previous two years," she created at the time. "Everyone that met him to be blessed by his huge heart, his silly character voices, his wonderful sense of humor and also his kindness towards all. He was a precious, priceless young man and I praise the lord that ns was enabled to be bathed in Sammy"s love as his "MommaBear"...we have been forever adjusted by having him in our lives."

In October 2017, Delilah revealed one more terrible loss. Her 18-year-old organic son, Zachariah, reportedly committed suicide. "He to be being treated, counseled, and adopted fiercely by family and also friends when battling depression for part time now," she wrote top top Instagram. "My heart is broken beyond repair and I deserve to not fathom how to go on...but I have actually to believe he is at peace with the Lord and also that God will obtain us through." Delilah announced that she would certainly be acquisition a rest from she radio present to grieve.

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Delilah walked down the aisle because that a 4th time in 2012 once she married Paul Warner, telling People that her brand-new man "rarely drinks, doesn"t use drugs and also adores me with all of his being."

Their union isn"t there is no its quirks. Follow to People, their tasks require them to live an ext than six hrs apart, and yet, in this case, that seems lack really does do the heart prosper fonder. "Some people wonder exactly how we manage to keep our relationship strong living so much apart, yet I suspect it may be the mystery to our success!" she told People. "I"m no the easiest woman to live with and I"ve quiet got five minor kids at home. Mine youngest daughter is in 2nd grade, so my house is constantly chaotic with kids, crafts, pets and horses. Not plenty of men would authorize up to marry a woman who has actually 13 children!"

Delilah supposedly resides on a sprawling 1,200 acre farm yard in port Orchard, Wash. As of 2016, the 55-acre house housed "21 goats, 500 chickens, two emus, 2 pigs, ripe horses, 5 sheep, a zebra called Xena, 3 African geese, seven dogs (only two of which are hers), and five baby goats," reported BuzzFeed. Her land likewise yields "more than 20,000 pounds of corn, potatoes, apples...each year" and also is reportedly "maintained through friends."

When you"ve fielded love-song requests for decades, you"re inevitably walk to obtain sick of hearing a tune or two. Because that Delilah, she Achilles heel is Bette Midler"s Grammy-winning take on "Wind beneath My Wings." 

"If I never ever hear that song again, it will certainly be too soon," she said BuzzFeed, " I"ve watched the movie The Rose 25 times."

Another ballad she"s grown worn down of: Celine Dion"s "My Heart Will walk On." "During the Titanic era, if i heard "My Heart will certainly Go On" one an ext time I could have jumped off the Titanic myself," she quipped. Considering the film is celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2017, Delilah can need come secure a life raft.