David Foster is a legendary singer, composer, and also music producer. That has functioned with many famous artists and won numerous awards because that his work.

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Aside from gift a well known musician, Foster is additionally known for his an individual life. The is married to singer Katharine McPhee, despite Foster has additionally been married to other women before tying the knot v his existing wife. As such, many world might it is in wondering: How numerous times has Foster to be married exactly and also why walk his previous marriages finish in divorces?


David Foster and Katharine McPhee | Jemal Countess/WireImage

David Foster has been married 5 times

Foster has been married 5 times in the previous 50 years.

His an initial marriage to be to B.J. Cook, a singer and also writer. According to Whosdatedwho, Foster and also Cook married in 1972 and divorced in 1981. They have one daughter called Amy.

In 1982, Foster married Rebecca Dyer, through whom he had three daughters: Sara, Erin, and also Jordan. Foster and Dyer divorce in 1986 after four years together.

Foster’s 3rd marriage is quiet his longest one by far. That married actress Linda Thompson in 1991 complying with her divorce to Caitlyn zener (then known as Bruce Jenner). Foster ended up being a stepfather come Thompson’s kids with Jenner: Brody and Brandon. The pair divorced in 2005 after ~ 14 years together.

Foster’s 4th wife is Yolanda Hadid, who was formerly married to actual estate mogul Mohamed Hadid. Hadid also became a star on The real Housewives that Beverly Hills, and also Foster appeared on the show multiple times together well. Foster also became a stepfather to Hadid’s three children: Gigi, Bella, and Anwar. However, Foster and also Hadid filed because that divorce in 2015, with their divorce finalized in 2017.

Foster married his fifth wife, Katharine McPhee, in June 2019. In February 2021, the couple welcomed a son called Rennie.

What were the reasons for David Foster’s many divorces?

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It’s not clear why Foster’s first two marital relationships ended, but Thompson and also Hadid have spoken out about some things they were not happy with in their marriages to Foster.

In she 2016 memoir, A little Thing called Life, Thompson common that Foster to be “jealous” of her exes. Additionally, Thompson said he expected her come cater come his every need.

She wrote, as reported by AllAboutTRH: “At times, he had actually an expectation that i was over there to serve and take treatment of him, to do beds and do housework… he really and truly wanted to it is in treated favor a king, not choose a husband or father, which speaks volumes around what he was like to live with, together lovable as he might be.”

Meanwhile, Hadid seemed to case in her 2017 book, Believe Me: My fight With the Invisibility that Lyme Disease, the she and also Foster divorced because he couldn’t manage her battle with Lyme disease. She to be diagnosed v the problem in 2012.

“I walk from being the funny girlfriend who was up because that anything and also had endless energy to the wife who is also sick to be by his side,” Hadid wrote, according to BravoTV. “He lost his wingman, his partner in crime, and I fell as if he’s beginning to acquire impatient through my recovery.”

However, Foster has always denied that left Hadid due to the fact that of she illness. As reported by The List, he claimed in his July 2020 documentary David Foster: turn off the Record, “How can I leave a ailing woman? The fact of the issue is that was not the reason I left.”

David Foster admits he has faults the his own

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In the documentary David Foster: turn off the Record, the musician additionally admitted to having actually some faults that can have added to his divorces. For example, Foster shared that he is a “runner” who often thinks “the grass is greener ~ above the other side” once hardships to happen in a relationship.

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It was additionally revealed the Foster has actually trouble emotionally connecting v people—something the McPhee is do the efforts to assist him with.

“My generation is much more open come communicating and understanding why you carry out the things you do. You stick with the points that nothing work and also you figure out how to do them work,” McPhee shared. “What we work on together is empathy, having long conversations the he doesn’t want to have.”

Foster’s family members seems to provide of his relationship with McPhee, with his earliest daughter Amy saying, “Katharine McPhee walk not need David Foster – an extremely talented – very successful – has actually her very own money – walk not require him – is v him purely since she loves him. They space a very great match.”