Three years before his death, Burt Reynolds opened up up about his controversial relationship from actress Loni Anderson

The actor, who passed away at Jupiter medical in Florida on Thursday morning at the period of 82, told world in a revealing 2015 interview that marrying Anderson in 1988 “was a really dumb move on mine part.”

“I should have known the you don’t get married an actress,” the star said at the time. “It wasn’t lollipops and also roses.”

Expanding ~ above what tore the 2 apart in his memoir But Enough around Me, Reynolds composed of Anderson, “She bought everything in triplicate, native every day costume to jewelry to china and also linens. ‘I never ever wear a dress after it has been photographed,’ she said. ‘I need to dress prefer a star.'”

He added, “I offered her a platinum American refer card through a $45,000 credit transaction limit. She maxed it out in half an hour.”



Reynolds and also Anderson met in 1981 and also began dating one year later. The two became a Hollywood power pair as castle graced newspaper covers and attended red carpets together.

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In June 1982, The Longest Yard gibbs told, “Whether this connection will go any kind of further 보다 it has actually right now, I have no idea. Loni and also I room both trying very hard to get acquainted and also to prefer each various other without too plenty of explosions and also broadsides native the press.”

The pair married in 1988 during a top-secret ceremony at his ranch in Jupiter, Florida, i beg your pardon was recorded by

“I’m a very lucky man,” he said at the reception, which followed a 20-minute ceremony. “I’m surrounded by love and also dear friends, and I married my finest friend today.”

Anderson added, “I feel favor Cinderella. Ns married Prince Charming.” The two later embraced their son, Quinton Reynolds.



Despite building a family together, the tides in their marital relationship turned through June 1993 as soon as Reynolds announced the pair’s shocking split.

His rep at the time announced the couple’s marriage was “irretrievably broken” including that though Reynolds had actually “the highest possible respect and also regard because that Miss. Anderson… the feels his priorities and also hers have become different.”

Lack of sexual relations could have additionally spurred the symbol to file for divorce, the told Good Morning America: night Edition.

“I don’t see just how she have the right to be in complete shock when you have actually not… if your husband has actually not touched you in the biblical sense… in practically three years,” the said. “How can you it is in surprised?”

In 2016, Reynolds revealed the while he could have thought marrying Anderson to be a mistake, his mother, Fern H. Reynolds, assumed so too.

“I remember when we acquired married, it was in a chapel I’d developed specifically because that our wedding,” that told Men’s Health at the time. “I to be walking under the aisle, and Perry Como was walking v me.”

The actor stated he turned to look at his mom he experienced her “shaking her head ‘No'” at him.


Reynolds admitted to being involved with an additional woman — but only after ending up being convinced that Anderson had been unfaithful first, he alleged to good Morning America: night Edition.

“I caught her cheating on me,” that said. “And so ns just… i made the decision to call it off.”

The actor hurled more insults, speak Anderson was an underemployed actress suffering from low self-esteem that was no a good mother.

Anderson maintained mum ~ above the allegations Reynolds made versus her offering a simple, two-sentence answer of, “I execute not intended to engage in a media war. I have to think about the welfare and best understanding of my small boy.”

They divorce battle became so contentious that Reynolds’ close friend and personal photographer Lisa Smith even insulted Anderson’s cooking, speak the actress “only cooked ripe or 11 times.”

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Anderson didn’t open up about the divorce until 1995, once she accused Reynolds that physically abusing her at least a dozen times while he was allegedly under the influence of medicine in an interview through SFGate.

She additionally accused that of not always paying his $15,000 in boy support on time. It wasn’t till 2015 that Reynolds lastly wrote a $154,520 check that finally finished his divorce to Anderson, follow to TMZ in ~ the time.

Despite their bad blood, Anderson paid her respects to her late ex-husband quickly after his death, telling FOX News, “Quinton and also I are incredibly touched by the incredible outpouring of love and also support indigenous friends and also family throughout the world. Burt was a wonderful director and also actor. He was a huge part of my life for twelve years and also Quinton’s father for thirty years. Us will miss him and also his an excellent laugh.”

While Reynolds never married after ~ divorcing indigenous Anderson, that couldn’t forget the one love the his life that he never acquired a opportunity to do amends with.

When asked whether Anderson to be the love of his life, that didn’t hesitate, speak Sally ar was the just lady that stole his heart.

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“It to be real. Ns really cared because that her. She’s very, an extremely special,” Reynolds claimed in a 2015 interview through

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