Britney Spears is a singer, songwriter, and pop culture icon who climbed to call in the late nineties. Spears is responsible for the song “Baby One more Time” and also “Oops!…I Did that Again,” tunes that have end up being industry standards. Spears has actually been the topic of far-ranging controversy over the years, and fans have frequently speculated around her family members life and her psychological health. Still, Spears has probably make headlines most regularly for her romantic relationships, and her marriages have gone down in history as being exceptionally buzzworthy. 

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Britney Spears was a boy star

Britney Spears to be born in Mississippi in 1981. She began singing in her local church choir, and also when she was a mere toddler, she parents recognized that she had a major talent because that performing, according to IMDb. She started taking gymnastics and voice lessons, and when she was eight years old, she began her search of a career in the entertainment industry. Once she was simply over 10, she landing a spot on the series The Mickey computer mouse Club

After a couple of years of certification on the children’s show, alongside fellow stars-to-be like Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, Spears began pursuing a singing career. She debut album, …Baby One much more Time, to be released in January 1999 and was an instant success, debuting in ~ number one. Fans and critics loved Spears, and also the album’s command single, “…Baby One an ext Time,” became her signature. Over the next couple of years, Spears’ star continued to rise, v the release of her second album, Oops!… ns Did it Again, cementing her condition as a social icon. Unfortunately, Spears wasn’t enduring as much success in her an individual life together in her experienced one.

Britney Spears’ first marriage

Us Weekly spoke specifically to Britney Spears' ex Jason Alexander in ~ the #FreeBritney protest. Https://

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In 1998, together Britney Spears to be on the verge of ending up being a megastar, she released a romantic partnership with she childhood friend, Justin Timberlake. The 2 quickly came to be the “it” couple of the decade, stepping the end on red carpets together and also enjoying the attention of numerous fans all around the world. Still, through 2001, the two had dubbed it quits.

In 2003, Spears reconnected with another childhood friend named Jason Alexander. Things moved quickly and also after a wild brand-new Year’s celebration, Spears and also Alexander tied the knot in a ras Vegas ceremony. Their marital relationship lasted a document fifty-five hours before Spears moved to annul the quickie wedding. Alexander later admitted to alphabet News that he regrets the way that their marriage ended, and that he hoped because that a while to get ago together v her: “I had obviously gained my feel involved.”

Who to be Britney Spears’ 2nd husband?

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Britney Spears and also Kevin Federline’s wild wedding v pole dancing and also glitzy tracksuits

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Only a couple of months ~ her short marriage come Jason Alexander ended, Britney Spears got in addition to a backup dancer named Kevin Federline. They gained married not lengthy after they began dating, and in short order, castle welcomed 2 sons, Sean Preston, and also Jayden James. Their marital relationship was plagued by continuous media scrutiny and by the finish of 2006, a mere two and a fifty percent years after they an initial got married, Spears and also Federline divorced, according to MTV. 

Spears has actually not to be in one more marriage since her romance with Federline dissolved, however she did walk on to date a slew of other men. Complying with her divorce native Federline, she dated a talent representative named Jason Trawick native 2009 until 2013. These days, she is going out through a design named Sam Asghari, follow to Mic. They an initial started dating in 2016, after conference on the collection of Spears’ music video “Slumber Party.” if it appears unlikely that Spears and Asghari will ever before get married, Spears’ past romances have proven that anything is possible.