When Meghan McCain announced the she to be pregnant in march 2020 in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, pan surely had a most questions. How was her pregnant being impacted by the coronavirus? would certainly she still appear on The View? Who is she husband? To satisfy your curiosity worrying the latter, we have the right to tell girlfriend that McCain is married to a man named Ben Domenech.

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After reportedly dating for years, the television organize revealed in November 2017 the she and Domenech were engaged. The two, who had actually been attempting to save the status of their relationship a secret, tied the knot later that exact same month. "Meghan McCain and also Ben Domenech to be married this particular day at the McCain household lodge in Sedona, Arizona," a rep for the television personality told People magazine in a statement. "The bride"s father, Senator man McCain, provided her away and also they were married through <CBS News reporter> john Dickerson." 

The mix the politics and also journalism during her nuptials to be seemingly perfect because that McCain who life often tends to revolve roughly both, and also the same deserve to be stated for the guy she married.

Meghan McCain's husband, Ben Domenech, is a 'conservative blogger' who has faced controversy

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Meghan McCain is recognized as The View"s right-leaning co-host, i beg your pardon is why it"s not surprising the her husband, Ben Domenech, is a "conservative blogger," according to Women"s Health. The outlet also note that Domenech is the founder of The Federalist, a website that covers politics, religion, and culture. During an illustration of The View, McCain explained that Domenech "works in politics and has for a lengthy time," therefore he "wasn"t together intimidated" by her civilization — he"s additionally not a stranger come scandal. 

Domenech has actually apparently been "linked to several controversies," per Women"s Health. According come the Daily Mail, one scandal affiliated the blogger resigning native The Washington Post"s conservative blog three days after ~ he to be hired following claims "he had plagiarized some of his previous job-related from articles that were initially published" in various other publications. Domenech additionally found self in trouble when "he alleged the then supreme Court righteousness nominee Elena ka was possibly the first openly happy candidate for the position," according to Good Housekeeping. As soon as The White house stepped in, the "penned a piece apologizing to Elena." He was additionally accused of being payment to compose "propaganda because that the federal government of Malaysia," per Buzzfeed News