That 70’s display stars Ashton Kutcher and also Mila Kunis have actually been married for over 5 years now. Due to the fact that they’re famous, tabloids constantly say their marital relationship is fall apart. This is just not the case, as the two space still together. They’re even doing a Super bowl commercial together. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has busted about a Kutcher and also Kunis divorce.

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That 70’s Show co-stars Ashton Kutcher and also Mila Kunis have actually been married because that over five years now. Since they’re famous, tabloids constantly speak their marriage is fallout’s apart. This is just not the case, together the two are still together. They’re also doing a Super bowl commercial together. Below are some stories Gossip Cop has actually busted around a Kutcher and Kunis divorce.

A $315 Million Divorce

According come Woman’s Day, Kunis and also Kutcher’s decision to placed their Los Angeles residence on the industry was proof the the two were acquiring a divorce. A $315 million divorce to it is in precise. A an alleged “source” claimed “Bets space on they’ll never obtain to relocate in” come their brand-new mega-compound “before they contact it quits.” Gossip Cop busted this story in ~ the since just a few weeks earlier both Kutcher and Kunis showed up on The this evening Show together to promote your “quarantine wine.” Couples who are around to break-up don’t walk into company together.

Experiencing to trust Issues

According to Life & Style, Kunis has “insecurities as soon as it comes to Ashton” due to the fact that the Punk’d star to be photographed leaving a “shady massage parlor” 5 years earlier. This story when again pointed out putting their house up because that sale as a authorize of “new marital trouble” before saying “big transforms are coming.” We also saw a mention of “cheating allegations” native Kutcher’s previous marriage to Demi Moore. The “cheating” occurrence took ar in 2011 and also Kunis has actually said that doesn’t influence the existing relationship., The massage parlor was, well, a massage parlor. There was nothing new or noteworthy about this story whatsoever, so Gossip Cop busted it.

No Ring method No Marriage

In December 2019, Kunis to be photographed without her wedding ring on. Woman’s Day claimed this meant there to be “tension” in between Kunis and Kutcher stemming from, girlfriend guessed it, Kutcher’s previous marital relationship to Moore. A so-called source said Kunis was “hellbent on putting on a unified front with Ashton,” therefore it to be a “very weird move” getting captured without she wedding ring on. Weddings rings room a recurring aspect in the tabloid press as lazy magazines can obtain easy story whenever stars nothing wear their bands. Kunis just didn’t have actually her ring on the day, yet the two room still married and also while their home still shows up to be under construction, lock did recently list the house they will certainly be moving out of, but haven’t split.

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Lockdown Destroys Marriage

Woman’s Day was at it once again critical October as soon as it declared Kutcher and also Kunis’s marriage in “crisis” end being “together 24/7.” an alleged friends the the pair claimed “it will certainly be a miracle” if the couple reached the 6th anniversary. There was yet one more mention of Kutcher’s issues with Moore as proof that Kutcher to be “not the many reliable boyfriend.” If that isn’t obvious by now, Woman’s Day has actually absolutely no understanding into Kutcher and also Kunis’s an individual life. The two released a alcohol brand throughout quarantine, so it looks favor the time together has actually only brought them closer together.

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