10:13 p.m. ET, October 22, 2020

Fact check: trump falsely cases he was "kidding" when he said injecting bleach

From audioeditorfree.com"s Daniel Dale and also Holmes Lybrand

Joe Biden struck President trump on comment he made end disinfectants and also the coronavirus.

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“What go the chairman say? He stated don"t worry, it"s walk to go away. Be gone by Easter. Don"t worry…Maybe inject bleach,” Biden said. “He claimed he was kidding once he said that however a lot of of people thought it to be serious.”

Trump replied that the “was kidding on that.” 

Facts First: This is false. There was simply no indication that Trump was being anything less than serious once he made comment in April in i m sorry he wondered if it would certainly be possible for world to inject disinfectants come fight Covid-19. The next day he claimed he was being sarcastic. 

During one April 23 push briefing, trumped expressed interest in trying out the possibility of “injection within or virtually a cleaning” v disinfectants. Here’s what he said:

hen I check out the disinfectant, where it knocks it the end in one minute. And also is there a method we have the right to do something choose that, through injection inside or practically a cleaning, because you watch it it s okay in the lungs and also it go a tremendous number ~ above the lungs, therefore it’d be amazing to check that, so that you’re walk to need to use clinical doctors with, but it sounds amazing to me.”

The next day Trump claimed he was "asking a concern sarcastically to reporters like you just to view what would happen."

Read a longer reality check here. 

President Donald Trump and also Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden participate in the last presidential dispute at Belmont college on October 22 in Nashville. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In regards to reuniting these youngsters with their families, Trump stated his administration has a plan and also "we"re working on it very — we"re trying an extremely hard."

"But a most these kids come out without the parents. They come over with cartels and with coyotes and also through gangs," trump said.

Biden fired back versus Trump, call the action of his management "criminal."

"Five hundreds plus youngsters came with parents. They be separate them in ~ the border to do it a disincentive to come to begin with. We"re tough. We"re yes, really strong. And assumption: v what. They cannot — it"s not coyotes didn"t lug them over. Their parents were through them. They obtained separated native their parents. And it renders us a laughing stock and violates every id of who we room as a nation," Biden said. "Their kids were ripped from your arms and separated. And currently they cannot discover over 500 set of those parents and those youngsters are alone. Nowhere come go. Nowhere to go. It"s criminal. It"s criminal."

Some context: Lawyers have actually not to be able to with the parental of 545 children who had actually been separated indigenous their families by united state border officials between 2017 and also 2018, according to a court submit on Oct. 20.

Hundreds of parents may additionally have to be deported without their children.

The submit from the righteousness Department and also the American civil Liberties Union is part of an ongoing effort to identify and also reunite family members separated through the trump administration, much more than two years ~ the "zero tolerance" policy was created.

While a federal court order compelled the reunification of plenty of of those families, one explosive government watchdog report released critical year revealed there might be thousands more who hadn"t previously been acknowledged by officials.

A court-appointed "steering committee" has actually tried to situate those families. As of October 20, the committee has attempted to with the households of 1,030 children. That those, the committee has actually not been able to with the separated parental of 545 children, follow to the court filing.

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"Approximately two-thirds" of parental are believed to have been deported without their children, the filing adds.