Former chairman Donald Trump and his boy Eric have been dishing out revisionist background with claims that vaccine hesitancy soared as soon as Biden assumed office and that “people were acquiring the vaccine in record numbers” until Biden implemented vaccine mandates.

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Rep. Mike Rogers, the ranking Republican top top the House armed Services Committee, stated congressional testimony this week proved that president Joe Biden ignored the advice of top generals about what to execute in Afghanistan while former President Donald trump “did hear to it.” it is not completely accurate.


The Taliban seized an arsenal the U.S.-made military devices when that overran the Afghan army, however not virtually as much as numerous Republicans have claimed.


A viral meme falsely cases that previous President Donald Trump suggested that the chaotic U.S. Tap the money from Afghanistan was an orchestrated distraction by Democrats. A spokesperson for Trump has actually denied the made the remark. A very comparable statement, no attributed to the previous president, previously went viral on Facebook.


Former president Donald Trump said he had gotten the U.S. Come a point where “we didn’t require the middle East” because that “energy.” and also now, the said, “we’re going ago to them asking them because that help.” yet the U.S. Has ongoing to import a smaller amount of its petroleum native the Middle eastern under chairman Joe Biden.

Eleven American army members were eliminated in Afghanistan in 2020, including four in combat. But, together the U.S. Nears its Aug. 31 deadline because that a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, a society media short article falsely claims that there weren’t any kind of American casualties in Afghanistan in the last year-and-a-half of the trumped administration. 

We put out countless of the vital diplomatic decisions, military actions, presidential pronouncements and expert assessments of the withdrawal covenant that finished the U.S. Military’s 20-year war in Afghanistan.

In fostering his own spending priorities, president Joe Biden blamed his predecessor’s “unpaid taxes cuts and also other spending” for boosting the nationwide debt by virtually $8 trillion over four years. The full debt figure is correct, but trillions of that were because of bipartisan coronavirus relief packages.

After a contractor rental by state Senate republicans to look right into the results of the 2020 Arizona election noted an update on its findings at a legislative hear on July 15, former President Donald Trump issued a collection of false and also misleading statements about what it has actually uncovered.

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Q: exactly how do civilization who have actually not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 attitude a danger to world who have actually been vaccinated?

A: an unvaccinated human who is infected through COVID-19 poses a much higher risk come others who are additionally unvaccinated. Yet vaccines space not 100% effective, so over there is a chance that one unvaccinated person could infect a vaccinated human — an especially the vulnerable, such together elderly and immunocompromised individuals.

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