President Donald trump walks to Air force One ~ above Sept. 19, 2018, at andrews Air force Base in Maryland. He has yet to visit troops deployed to combat area in practically two years as president, and now a height lawmaker claims Trump have to go to give thanks to troops for their service, as previous presidents have actually done. (Evan Vucci/AP)
WASHINGTON — president Donald Trump requirements to visit troops deployed to overseas combat zones soon, out of respect for your sacrifices, claims a optimal defense lawmaker.

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“I think it must be done,” claimed Senate armed Services ranking member Jack Reed, D-R.I., in a roundtable through reporters ~ above Wednesday. “It’s not just to acquire an idea what is going on, but to personally say thanks to the men and women of the United says who are exposing themselves to great dangers for the country.”

Reed’s opinion come in an answer to comments from the president previously this week during an connected Press interview where he was asked why he there is no yet booked a visit come Afghanistan or Iraq, to accomplish with U.S. Troops deployed there.

“I will execute that at part point, but I nothing think it’s too many necessary,” trump card said. “I’ve been very busy with whatever that’s taking place here … ns doing a most things. But it’s miscellaneous I’d do. And also do gladly."

“Nobody has actually been far better at the armed forces ... I have done more for the military than any kind of president in many, countless years.”


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Trump has made regular visits come stateside U.S. Army bases throughout his an initial term in office, frequently praising company members for their sacrifices in the continuous wars overseas.

But after practically two year in office, he has yet come visit a combat zone, something the his predecessors made a point of doing early on in their presidencies.

Former chairman Barack Obama travel to Iraq in April 2009, simply a few months after taking office, as component of an extended overseas tour. His very first trip come Afghanistan didn’t come until his second year in office.

Former president George W. Bush visited Iraq in November 2003 — about eight months after the begin of that conflict — but did not take trip to Afghanistan because that the an initial time until 2006 because of security concerns surrounding a potential presidential visit.

Reed, who has actually visited both countries much more than a dozen times in the last 16 years, dubbed the visits “something the commander-in-chief need to do.” He also called the first-hand suffer of see the warfighters and talking to commanders on the floor “indispensable” in formulating nationwide security strategy.

Earlier this month, house Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., led a delegation of Republican lawmakers on a trip to Afghanistan because that his last main overseas trip prior to retiring at the finish of the year.

“I wanted to give thanks to the men and women who proceed to sacrifice every day in the war against an international terrorism,” he claimed in a statement after the trip. “This conflict — the sacrifices being made — matter.These brave soldiers have actually served, plenty of on repeat deployments, and also America stands steady behind them in our gratitude.”

House armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry, R-Texas — that in the past has downplayed the importance of Trump do an abroad combat region visit — traveled with Ryan and also called the occasion a rewarding, informative visit.

"After my visit to Kabul, ns am more convinced than ever before that we have actually the ideal team in ar to capitalize on the momentum us are beginning to check out as a an outcome of the President’s southern Asia Strategy,” he claimed in a statement.

“Our priority should be to continue to administer the essential support to attain these ends. That is the only method we have the right to reliably protect America from the danger terrorist organizations that continue to run in Afghanistan.”

Leo consist of Congress, Veterans Affairs and the White residence for military Times. He has actually covered Washington, D.C. Since 2004, focusing on military personnel and veterans policies. His work has earned numerous honors, consisting of a 2009 Polk award, a 2010 nationwide Headliner Award, the IAVA leadership in Journalism award and the VFW News Media award.


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