101 Hopeful, Sad, Reflective and Revealing things Obama’s Said around the Toughest job in the World

10. “I do have actually confidence that we’re gonna have the ability to get that right. But it’s not gonna it is in overnight.” (Today, February 2, 2009)


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“I always felt that a chairman is accountable for making the ideal decisions, but that there space going to be a many unexpected twists and turns follow me the way. And as I stated recently, this is quiet a human enterprise and these space big, tough, complicated problems. Somebody listed to me that by the time something reaches mine desk, that method it’s really hard. Since if it to be easy, someone else would have made the decision and somebody rather would have actually solved it.” (New York Times, march 7, 2009)

12. “I perform think in Washington the a little bit choose American Idol, other than everybody is Simon Cowell. Everybody’s gained an opinion.” (The Tonight show with Jay Leno, in march 19, 2009)

13. “And, you know, obviously, in ~ the inauguration i think that there was justifiable proud on the part of the country that we had actually taken a action to move us beyond some that the searing heritages of racial discrimination in this country. But that lasted around a day.” (White residence news conference, march 24, 2009)

14. “Well, I had actually a habit the praying every night, before I walk to bed. Ns pray all the moment now. Since I’ve obtained a lot of stuff on mine plate and also I need guidance all the time.” (Nightline, July 24, 2009)

15. “Look, you know, when you’re in this job, ns think, uh—every chairman who’s had actually it is continually humbled by the degree to i m sorry there space a many of worries out there, and also the id that one human alone deserve to solve every these problems—I think you’re cured of that illusion an extremely quickly.” (Nightline, July 24, 2009)

16. “After I obtained the news, Malia to walk in and also said, ‘Daddy, you winner the Nobel peace Prize, and also it is Bo’s birthday!’ and also then Sasha added, ‘Plus, we have a three-day weekend coming up.’ therefore it’s an excellent to have kids to save things in perspective.” (remarks on win the Nobel peace Prize, October 9, 2009)

17. “I don’t think anything prepares you for the presidency.” (U.S. News & civilization Report, October 27, 2009)

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18. “Exercise every day. See my family. Keeping things in perspective. Reading history. Recall yourself the this is a permanent proposition and you’re no going to get every little thing exactly right, but hopefully, if you’re relocating things in the best trajectory, that points usually work-related out.” (U.S. News & civilization Report, October 27, 2009)

19. “The worst thing around being chairman is every the noise, every the politics games—you know, it have the right to be choose a room of mirrors, where just a few people are talking to each other and never breaking the end of it. And also Michelle is very great at make me focus not on the immediate orbit that we’re in yet what’s walk on outside of it.” (interview with Will Smith and also Jada Pinkett Smith, December 11, 2009)

20. “Let’s be clean here. Seven presidents have actually tried to reform a health treatment system that everyone acknowledges is broken. Seven presidents have actually failed up till this point.” (60 Minutes, December 13, 2009)


21. “You know, us live in history. And it’s complicated. And also things aren’t always, friend know, totally clean.” (60 Minutes, December 13, 2009)

22. “You know, this is a city where once a screw-up happens, human being can’t just say, ‘OK, the was a screw-up and also let’s fix it.’ There has to be, you know, 2 weeks’ precious of cable chatter about it.” (60 Minutes, December 13, 2009)

23. “There’s gained to be a sense sometimes that we’re ready to rise above our specific interests, our certain ideas, in bespeak to acquire things done. Best now, that society has, i think, damaged down end the last number of years, and one the my work over the following three year is to try to check out if we deserve to revive that.” (ABC News, December 16, 2009)

24. “The one thing I’m clear around is the I’d quite be a really great one-term president 보다 a mediocre two-term president. And I—and I believe that.” (ABC News, January 26, 2010)

25. “When her poll number drop, she an idiot. As soon as your poll numbers room high, you a genius. If mine poll numbers space low, climate I’m cool and also cerebral and also cold and also detached. If my poll numbers space high, well, ‘He’s calm and reasoned.’” (ABC News, January 26, 2010)

26. “My point is the most basic thing to carry out in national politics is to point fingers, to number out that to blame because that something, or to make world afraid the things. It is the easiest method to gain attention. It is what reporters will report on. You contact somebody a name, friend say, ‘Look what a devastating thing they’ve done, and also they’re going to do more terrible things to friend if you nothing watch out.’” (speech in brand-new Hampshire, February 2, 2010)

27. “Let’s acknowledge that democracy has always been messy. Let’s not be overly nostalgic.” (National Prayer Breakfast, February 4, 2010)

28. “We—I’ve got a whole bunch the portraits of presidents about here, beginning with Teddy Roosevelt, that tried to carry out and didn’t get it done. The factor that it demands to be done is no its result on the presidency. It has to do with exactly how it’s walking to influence ordinary people who right now are no hope in require of help.” (Special Report with Bret Baier, march 17, 2010)

29. “People don’t development in a right line. Countries don’t development in a directly line.” (David Remnick’s The Bridge, April 6, 2010)

30. “As I’ve found out after a year in the White House, an altering this type of slash-and-burn politics isn’t easy.” (University the Michigan graduation speech, may 1, 2010)

31. “I additionally have the shortest commute of anybody ns know. And that renders a huge difference because it method no matter how long i’m working any kind of given day i can always go upstairs to see my wife and kids. And also that’s miscellaneous I more than likely appreciate much more than anything else about being below in the White House.” (C-SPAN, respectable 12, 2010)

32. “You know, the Lincoln Bedroom, i don’t get in much, except when there are visitors. Every once in a while, ok sneak in, simply to reread the Gettysburg Address.” (C-SPAN, august 12, 2010)

33. “I will say the the southern Lawn is extraordinary. And also we constructed this play set out below that Malia and Sasha offered to use a lot. Castle now obtaining old enough where periodically they don’t usage it as lot as we expect. But I’ve got nieces and also nephews and kids of staff come in. And there are times once I’m working here and also I’ll look out the home window and unexpectedly somebody’s ~ above a swing or laughing as they go under a slide, and it reminds you of why we’re doing what we’re doing.” (C-SPAN, respectable 12, 2010)

34. “You know, look, our political life is like our separation, personal, instance lives. There are ups and also downs. There room peaks and valleys.” (New York time Magazine, October 12, 2010)

35. “I do no apologies for having collection high expectations because that myself and also for the country, due to the fact that I think we can accomplish those expectations. Now, the one point that I will say—which i anticipated and can it is in tough—is the truth that in a big, messy democracy favor this, whatever takes time. And also we’re no a society that’s built on patience.” (New York times Magazine, October 12, 2010)

36. “History never specifically repeats itself. However there is a pattern in American presidencies—at least modern presidencies. Girlfriend come in through excitement and also fanfare. The various other party initially, having been beaten, says it desires to cooperate v you. You begin implementing your program as friend promised during the campaign. The other party pushes back really hard. It causes a most consternation and also drama in Washington. World who space already cynical and skeptical about Washington typically look in ~ it and also say, ‘This is the exact same old mess as we’ve watched before.’ The president’s poll numbers drop. And also you need to then sort of wrestle back the confidence of the world as the programs the you’ve placed in ar start bearing fruit.” (New York times Magazine, October 12, 2010)

37. “I am president, ns am not king. Ns can’t execute these things just by myself.” (Univision, October 25, 2010)

38. “My mindset is, if we’re makin’ progress, action by step, inch by inch, work by day, the we room being true come the spirit of the campaign.” (The day-to-day Show, October 27, 2010)

39. “So, the most important things for me end the last two years, in state of stress and anxiety reduction, is the fact that if I’m below in Washington, I’m having actually dinner in ~ 6:30, just around every night. And sitting around that table, listening to , and trying come answer their questions, that keeps mine bearings.” (ABC News, November 26, 2010)

40. “As ns travel across the country folks regularly ask me what is the that ns pray for. And like many of you, mine prayers sometimes are general: ‘Lord, provide me the strength to meet the difficulties of my office.’ periodically they’re specific: ‘Lord, provide me patience together I clock Malia walk to her very first dance—where there will be boys.’ ‘Lord, have actually that skirt obtain longer as she travel to the dance.’” (National Prayer Breakfast, February 3, 2011)

41. “I think that when you’re chairman of the joined States, it comes v the are that folks space going to criticize you. It is what ns signed up for.” (NPR, July 22, 2011)

42. “No wonder I have actually got an ext gray hair now.” (CNN, august 16, 2011)

43. “As lengthy as ns president, i’m gonna be held responsible, in part fashion, to settle the problem.” (60 Minutes, December 11, 2011)

44. “Sometimes when I’m talking to mine team, I explain us as, friend know—I’m the captain and they’re the crew top top a ship, going v really poor storms. And also no matter just how well we’re steering the ship, if the boat’s rocking ago and forth and people are acquiring sick and, friend know, they’re gift buffeted through the winds and the rain and, friend know, in ~ a particular point, if she asking, ‘Are you enjoying the ride right now?’ Folks room gonna say, ‘No.’ and say, ‘Do you think the captain’s law a great job?’ world are gonna say, ‘You understand what? A an excellent captain would have had us in part smooth waters and sunny skies, at this point.’ and I don’t manage the weather. What i can regulate are the policies we’re placing in location to make a difference in people’s lives.” (60 Minutes, December 11, 2011)

45. “You know, there was actually a an excellent article created a while back, acquisition a look at the old push clips native every democratic president, dating earlier to Franklin Roosevelt, including Roosevelt. And, you know, nobody was happy through them. Nobody was happy v them. Girlfriend know? invoice Clinton, who beloved by the democratic Party, at this point—and I think about to it is in an extraordinarily effective president—you look at his old push clippings, the was acquiring beat increase with several of the very same stuff ns was getting beat up with.” (60 Minutes, December 11, 2011)

46. “I think that when I came right into office in 2008, it to be my firm belief that at such an essential moment in ours history, there to be no factor why Democrats and Republicans couldn’t placed some the the old ideological baggage aside and also focus on common sense, what works, useful solutions to the tough problems we were facing. And also I think the republicans made a various calculation, which was, ‘You understand what? we really screwed up the economy. Obama appears popular. Our finest bet is to stand on the sidelines, due to the fact that we think the economy’s gonna gain worse, and also at part point, just blame him.’” (60 Minutes, December 11, 2011)

47. “I didn’t overpromise. And I didn’t underestimate how difficult this was gonna be. I always believed the this to be a permanent project; this wasn’t a momentary project.” (60 Minutes, December 11, 2011)

48. “The one point I’ve prided myself on prior to I was president—and it transforms out that continues to be true as president—I’m a persistent kid of a gun. I just stay in ~ it. And I’m simply gonna store on remaining at it as lengthy as ns in this office.” (60 Minutes, December 11, 2011)

49. “I’ve gained five more years of stuff to do.” (60 Minutes, December 11, 2011)

50. “There’s nothing more humbling, actually, 보다 being president. It’s a weird thing. Suddenly, you’ve acquired all the pomp and also the circumstance and also you’ve acquired the helicopters and you’ve got the Air pressure One and—and the airplane is really nice. It really is. Ns mean, Bill might not miss being president, but he misses that plane. Let’s face it, he does. That a good plane. And I’ll miss it, too.” (remarks at a private fundraiser in McLean, Virginia, April 29, 2012)

51. “But no yet.” (remarks at a personal fundraiser in McLean, Virginia, April 29, 2012)

52. “The gridlock you view in Washington does not exist the end in neighborhoods and cities and towns throughout the country. If i go come Malia’s or Sasha’s soccer game and also I’m standing there v a bunch that parents, ns don’t know whether or no they’re democracy or Republicans, and also most of them have actually the same concerns and the very same values.” (Late present with David Letterman, September 19, 2012)

53. “You’ll view I wear just gray or blue suits. I’m trying come pare under decisions. Ns don’t desire to do decisions around what ns eating or wearing. Because I have too numerous other decisions to make.” (Vanity Fair, October 2012)

54. “You need to emphasis your decision-making energy. You need to routinize yourself. You can not be going through the day distracted through trivia.” (Vanity Fair, October 2012)

55. “I played a many sports when I was a kid, and also still do. If you have actually a poor game, you simply move on. You look front to the following one. And also it renders you that much much more determined.” (ABC News, October 10, 2012)

56. “So we’ve made real progression these past four years. But … we know our work’s no done yet. … and that’s why I’m to run for a second term as president. Because we’ve got much more work to do.” (campaign rally in eco-friendly Bay, Wisconsin, November 1, 2012)


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“The biggest challenge we’ve constantly had is the unlike FDR—who came into office when the economic situation had already bottomed out, so civilization understood that every little thing done succeeding to his choice was making points better—I came in simply as us were sliding.” (Rolling Stone, November 8, 2012)

58. “I think the being in this office has made me even an ext appreciative the my family in ways that i didn’t think I could be. I currently loved them for this reason much, but when you under every these pressures, come come home every single night—at the very least when ns in town—and have actually Michelle and also the girl there, and also draw delight from lock … they room my balance and also they store me grounded, and also that’s truer currently than it’s ever before been.” (O, The Oprah Magazine, November 2012)

59. “Do i wish that things were an ext orderly in Washington, and also rational, and people listened come the best arguments and also compromised and operated in a an ext thoughtful and organized fashion? Absolutely. But when you look in ~ history, that’s been the exemption rather than the norm.” (Meet the Press, December 30, 2012)