Story HighlightsMore than 6 in 10 think bush merits blame for economy's illsHalf that Americans allude finger in ~ ObamaLittle adjust in these perceptions since 2011

PRINCETON, N.J. -- together Barack Obama's two-term presidency start its last months, an ext Americans tho blame George W. Bush than Obama because that the nation's financial ills. Once asked how much lock blame each president for current economic problems, 64% of americans say bush deserves a "great deal" or "moderate amount" that blame, compared with 50% for Obama.

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Both presidents receive slightly much less blame in the June 14-23 poll 보다 they did the last time asked this concern in 2013, yet the space has hosted steady over the previous three years, with bush blamed an ext than Obama.

The all at once percentage of american blaming bush a an excellent deal or center amount has actually consistently surpassed the portion blaming Obama transparent Obama's presidency. However, it was much more lopsided in the first couple of years after shrub left office -- namely in Obama's honeymoon year (2009), and also to a lesser degree in 2010. That, that course, remained in the results of the 2008 wall surface Street financial dilemm that emerged on Bush's watch, an occasion that 60% the Americans defined at the time as the greatest economic crisis the U.S. Had confronted in your lifetime.

Currently, a quarter of american blame each president "a great deal" for present economic problems. But more blame shrub than Obama "a center amount," bring about the detect that more Americans overall assign far-ranging responsibility to the former president. Simply 35% blame shrub "not much" or "not at all," compared with 50% assigning small or no blame to Obama.

Amount americans Blame each President for current Economic Problems
George W. BushBarack Obama%%A an excellent dealA moderate amountNot muchNot at allNo opinion
11, June 14-23, 2016

Republicans more Likely come Blame bush Than democracy to reference Obama

Americans' perspectives on every president's culpability for the current economy are mostly rooted in your partisan orientation. More than 4 in 5 Democrats blame shrub a moderate lot or great deal, and a comparable proportion of republicans blame Obama come the same degree.

At the exact same time, Republicans space far an ext likely come blame shrub than Democrats space to blame Obama (44% vs. 19%, respectively). Political independents are an ext balanced in their finger-pointing yet are still much more likely come blame shrub (61%) than Obama (50%).

Amount american Blame every President for present Economic Problems, by Party ID
% A good deal/A middle amount
RepublicansIndependentsDemocrats%%%George W. BushBarack Obama
835019, June 14-23, 2016

As president, Obama has actually not got stellar approval ratings ~ above the economy. Due to the fact that the end of his honeymoon period in 2009, more Americans have actually disapproved than approved the the project he is act on the issue. However, the truth that Americans have actually consistently blamed Obama's predecessor more than castle blame him because that the country's economic troubles may define why his in its entirety job approval rating has consistently gone beyond his economic approval rating and also Americans' general satisfaction v the country.

The complying with graph aligns the 3 ratings -- Obama's as whole job approval rating, his approval rating ~ above the economy and also the portion of american satisfied through the direction of the country -- from February 2009 v the most recent measure up of Obama's economic approval rating in February 2016. It shows that his all at once approval rating has actually consistently gone beyond his economic rating and also that both ratings have much exceeded Americans' broader satisfaction through the direction of the country.


Bottom Line

Neither the passage of time no one Republicans' do the efforts to pin the nation's sluggish financial recovery on Obama's policies have erased countless Americans' belief that the economic problems facing the nation are rooted in George W. Bush's presidency. Although fifty percent of american think Obama is at the very least moderately to blame for current economic problems, they blame shrub more.

The more comprehensive finding -- that an ext than 7 years after bush left office, practically two-thirds of americans still think that deserves far-ranging blame because that economic worries -- speaks to the size of the difficulties Obama inherited as soon as he took office. Americans known them at the time and evidently haven't forgotten who remained in charge as soon as they occurred. This awareness has actually likely colored the totality of Obama's presidency -- maintaining his task approval ratings at arm's length from Americans' persistently an unfavorable economic confidence and also resulting low satisfaction with the direction that the country. In turn, it will most likely be a significant factor in exactly how his presidency is characterized in the coming years.

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Survey Methods

Results for this poll are based upon telephone interviews performed June 14-23, 2016, with a random sample that 1,025 adults, age 18 and also older, life in all 50 U.S. States and also the ar of Columbia. For results based upon the full sample of nationwide adults, the margin of sampling error is ±4 portion points at the 95% trust level. All reported margins of sampling error incorporate computed style effects for weighting.

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