Muhammad Ali can have attained a perfect to win record prior to retiring in 1981 if no for the 5 challengers that gained in the method of his boxing career.

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In 1971, Muhammad Ali was on his 32nd to win streak once he fought and lost come Joe Frasier in brand-new York City via a unanimous decision.

Since then, Muhammad Ali shed to five much more equally good boxers before finally retiring.

After retiring indigenous boxing, Ali was diagnosed in 1983 and found come be suffering from Parkinson"s disease. Despite his disability he continues to be a publicly figure and also was instrumental in setting up a foundation that helps world suffering from Parkinson"s disease.

Here are five of the good boxers the prevented Muhammad Ali native attaining one unblemished document in his expert career.

1st Loss come Joe Frasier
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Heavyweight boxer Joe Frasier

Muhammad Ali"s an initial loss happened at the hand of Joe Frasier in 1971 via a unanimous decision. It to be Ali"s very first loss in 32 fights.

Joe Frasier is an American boxer and also a previous Olympic champion. Frasier, who is from Beaufort, phibìc Carolina, is a former human being heavyweight champion whose skilled career lasted native 1965 to 1976 v a short comeback in 1981.

In your fight at Madison Square Garden in 1971, Frazier shed a number of early rounds but took Ali"s combinations there is no backing down. Together Ali started to sluggish in the center rounds, Frazier came on strong, landing difficult shots to the body and the an effective left hooks to the head by virtue of Futch"s instructions.

Consequently, Frazier winner a clear, 15-round, unanimous decision. Ali was taken to the hospital immediately after the fight to have his badly swollen jaw x-rayed, and also Frazier invested time in the hospital during the taking place month, the exertions of the fight having been exacerbated by his existing health and wellness problems, such as hypertension and also a kidney infection.

At the time of the fight, Frasier was 27 years old if Ali was 29.


Muhammad Ali and Ken Norton an initial faced each other in Mar. 1973 in mountain Diego, California. In their an initial encounter, Ali shed to Norton via a 12-round split decision. Norton broke Ali"s jaw in the 12-round duel.

Ali won the rematch, likewise by separation decision, ~ above Sept. 10, 1973, which collection up Ali-Frazier II, a non-title rematch v Joe Frazier, that had already lost his location to George Foreman. The bout was held on Jan. 28, 1974, through Ali win a unanimous 12-round decision.

In 1976 or three years after ~ Norton broke Ali"s jaw, they dealt with again in Inglewood, California. Ali won via a 12-round split decision, paving the way for a third and final fight.

Their critical fight was a 15-rounder which was hosted in Bronx, brand-new York in Sept. 1976.

Ali winner the last of your three-part series and kept his WBA/WBC heavyweight titles, i beg your pardon he take it from George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire via eighth-round KO.


The 3rd man that come in the method of Muhammad Ali"s boxing career to be Leon Spinks, a other American that was born in St. Louis, Missouri.

Spinks made background in 1978 when he win Muhammad Ali in a 15-round split decision in las Vegas, Nevada and also snatched Ali"s WBA/WBC heavyweight titles. He winner the titles just in his eighth fight, the fastest climb in history.

Ali, who had not to be the same due to the fact that his last fight v Joe Frazier, expected an easy fight, but he to be out-hustled by Spinks, that did no seem to tires throughout the bout.

The win over Ali was the height of Spinks" career. Through this victory, Spinks ended up being the only guy to ever before take a location belt indigenous Muhammad Ali in the ring, since Ali"s other losses to be contests in which no official human being title belt the he remained in possession of was on the line.

Spinks" iconic gap-toothed grin was featured top top the covering of the Feb. 19, 1978 concern of Sports Illustrated. He never ever again battled as efficiently.

In Sept. 1978, Ali and Spinks confronted each other again in brand-new Orleans. Ali won via a unanimous decision and also took the WBA heavyweight title.


In 1980, Muhammad Ali battled Larry Holmes, a other American boxer from Pennsylvania, who was the reigning Ring Magazine heavyweight champion native 1980-85.

The struggle took place in Caesar"s palace in las Vegas, Nevada.

Muhammad Ali was well past his prime and also coming the end of retirement once he challenged Larry Holmes, that was in ~ his absolute ideal for this fight. It was Ali"s last attempt to come to be a four-time world heavyweight champion.

Holmes in reality held back after the middle rounds because he could additionally see that Ali was absolutely not the same male who had taught him to box as soon as he served as Ali"s sparring partner.

At the finish of the 10th round, Ali"s trainer, Angelo Dundee stopped the fight.

Ali blamed his poor performance top top thyroid medication the he had been taking, claiming the it helped him shed weight (he weighed 217.5 lbs., his lowest weight because he combated George Foreman in 1974), but it likewise left the drained because that the fight.


Muhammad Ali"s last skilled fight prior to retiring was versus Trevor Berbick, a Jamaican-Canadian heavyweight boxer who briefly hosted the WBC heavyweight title in 1986.

Ali lost to Berbick via a unanimous decision in Nassau, Bahamas in 1981.

At the height of his boxing career, Berbick had trouble v the law despite his spiritual background.

Berbick had actually been arrested a number of times and also was sentenced to five years in jail for sexually assaulting his children"s infant sitter in 1992. That was consequently deported from the US.

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Berbick, that was when a preacher in ~ the moment of Miracles Pentecostal Church in las Vegas, was murdered through his nephew over a land conflict in his native Jamaica in 2006.