Evander Holyfield is just one of boxing’s all-time greats – yet his document was much from perfect.

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‘The actual Deal’ – that is set to return to the ring because that the very first time because 2011 against former UFC champion Vitor Belfort this weekend – appreciated a glittering job which contained two wins over Mike Tyson and also several civilization titles.


Holyfield twice beat Tyson, v the 2nd fight between them stopped once Tyson inexplicably bit his rival twice

He was the undisputed champion at cruiserweight prior to moving up to heavyweight and becoming a four-time champion.

He stays the only boxer in background to victory the undisputed championship in two weight classes.

But things didn’t constantly go to arrangement for the Alabama native, that finished his career with a document of 44 wins and also ten losses.

Holyfield’s next foe Belfort, that boasted a UFC document of 27-14, will now look come emulate these guys who obtained the ideal of the 58-year-old…


Evander Holyfield hosted all the belts in boxing’s top two divisionsRiddick Bowe: cutting board & Mack Center, las Vegas – November 13, 1992

Holyfield suffered his very first career defeat in his 29th fight, losing by unanimous decision to heavyweight star ‘Big Daddy’ Bowe.

Holyfield shed his WBA, WBC, IBF, and lineal titles and this was the first of 3 losses he would suffer on November 13.

Michael Moorer: caesars Palace, ras Vegas – April 22, 1994

Having beaten Bowe at Caesars royal residence in their rematch, Holyfield then came up versus Moorer in the same venue.

But points didn’t go as planned as he shed his belts in a shocking upset.

Holyfield was hospitalised with several injuries in the results of the clash.


Evander Holyfield had actually three epic fights v Riddick BoweRiddick Bowe: caesar Palace, ras Vegas – November 4, 1995

Bowe confirmed he had actually Holyfield’s number in your ‘The final Chapter’ clash.

Bowe secured a TKO success in the eighth ring in vegas to case his trilogy win.

Lennox Lewis: thomas & Mack Center, las Vegas – November 13, 1999

Having rebuilt his career with two wins over Mike Tyson, Holyfield challenged British great Lewis in brand-new York and also fought out a trembling draw.

The 2 met again in Vegas later on that year through Lewis this time obtaining the win and also taking the titles.

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Lennox Lewis became the undisputed heavyweight champion by beating Evander Holyfield in 1999John Ruiz: Mandalay Bay events Center, las Vegas – march 3, 2001

In his next fight, Holyfield win Ruiz to win the vacant WBA heavyweight title.

But in another rematch, the relinquished the belt just a couple of months later.

Chris Byrd: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City – December 14, 2002

Now at 40 years old, Holyfield go on a run of three succeeding defeats in three years.

The an initial of those losses pertained to Byrd v the vacant IBF location on the line.

James Toney: Mandalay Bay events Center, ras Vegas – October 4, 2003

Journeyman Toney quit Holyfield in the 9th round come inflict a seventh career defeat on him.

Holyfield admitted after ~ the clash the he just gained ‘beaten up’.

Larry Donald: Madison Square Garden, new York – November 13, 2004

A 42-year-old Holyfield experienced a hat-trick the defeats come Donald.

Donald would victory every ring to secure a superb victory.

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Russian Nikolai Valuev towers over 6″2 Evander Holyfield in your 2008 clashSultan Ibragimov: Khodynka Arena, Moscow – October 13, 2007

Holyfield bounced earlier from his accident with four wins top top the bounce to earn another shot at the WBO heavyweight title.

He headed to Russia to challenge Ibragimov however couldn’t get the task done.

Nikolai Valuev: Hallenstadion, Zurich – December 20, 2008

Holyfield’s tenth and final career defeat came to the man-mountain the is Valuev.

The fight was for the WBA belt however after a controversial decision, Valuev won and also Holyfield to be left to fight out three much more low-key clashes before retiring.

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