Kim Kardashian has actually just filed because that divorce indigenous Kanye West, but how plenty of times has actually she to be married?

After nearly seven years of marriage and also four children together, everyone favourite Kardashian couple Kim and also Kanye are officially gaining a divorce.

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Sources told TMZ the their separation is together amicable as it can be, and they are at this time working on gaining joint legal and physical custody the the kids.

But this isn’t actually the an initial time Kim has gained a divorce. In fact, the 40-year-old has actually been married three times. Let’s have a watch at all of her ex-husbands…


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Damon Thomas

Kim’s an initial husband to be music producer Damon Thomas.

The pair married in 2000 once she was simply 19, and also he was ten year older 보다 her at the time.

Shortly after, in 2013, Kim filed for divorce and claimed the he had become ‘controlling’.

She never ever really speaks about their marriage, but she did once reveal come Scott Disick in an illustration of Keeping Up v The Kardashians that she to be on ecstasy as soon as she married him.

Ok yet how did i not know Kim Kardashian was married come Damon Thomas?!

— kwk ✨ (

They met in so late 2010 and also he proposed in may 2011 through a $2 million 20.5 carat diamond engagement ring, however her family members was pretty shocked around the proposal as they’d only met him a handful of times.

Their wedding price a staggering $10 million and also was made into a TV special, but the marital relationship was short-lived.

It just lasted for 72 days and also they divorced in ~ the exact same year, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’.

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Kanye West

Kim and Kanye very first met in 2003 but didn’t begin dating until 2011. Kanye in reality tried to to convince Kim not to marry she previous husband Kris Humphries, however she no listen.

In December 2012, they shown that they to be expecting their very first baby, phibìc West, and then in October 2013, Kanye hired the end the entirety AT&T stadion in mountain Francisco to suggest to her.

They married in 2014, taking their whole family come Paris and then on come Italy because that an extravagant ceremony.

Then, they had three more children together, Saint, Psalm and also Chi, two of which were by surrogate.

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