Dancing through the Stars is ago and so is Emmy compensation winner Derek Hough. This season, the agree dancer is acquisition a seat on the judges’ panel and lending his expertise to the actors of season 30. Provided Hough’s experience in the ballroom, some Dancing through the Stars fans room curious about his wins from previous seasons. Find out how plenty of Mirrorball Trophies Hough has to his name. 

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Bindi Irwin & Derek Hough | Kelsey McNeal/Disney general Entertainment contents via Getty Images

Derek Hough’s partner on ‘Dancing through the Stars’

Hough has performed as a pro onDancing v the Starsin 17 seasons, beginning with season 5. His very first celebrity companion was Jennie Garth — castle placed 4th inDWTSSeason 5. Hough’s celebrity partners over the year include:

Shannon Elizabeth (Season 6)Brooke Burke (Season 7)Lil’ Kim (Season 8)Joanna Krupa (Season 9)Nicole Scherzinger (Season 10)Jennifer Grey (Season 11)Ricki Lake (Season 13)Maria Menounos (Season 14)Shawn Johnson (Season 15)Kellie Pickler (Season 16)Amber Riley (Season 17)Amy Purdy (Season 18)Bethany Mota (Seaosn 19)Nastia Liukin (Season 20)Bindi Irwin (Season 21)Marlu Henner (Season 23)

Derek Hough has six Mirrorball Trophies indigenous ‘DWTS’ wins 

To date, Hough is the Dancing with the Stars pro v the many wins. He has won six Mirrorballs throughout his run with the present dancing v Burke, Scherzinger, Grey, Pickler, and also Riley.

Hough’s many recent win was v Irwin in Season 21. Behind Hough, pros prefer his sister, Julianne, Cheryl Burke, mark Ballas, Val Chmerkovskiy, Kym Johnson Herjavek, and Peta Murgatroyd have two Dancing with the Stars wins. 

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Now, Hough has actually taken a backseat come performing top top the show. Instead, he has a seat at the judges’ dashboard this season alongside Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli. 

Derek Hough is a judge and mentor on ‘DWTS’

Hough joined the judges panel in season 29, filling in for Len Goodman. Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Goodman was unable come travel earlier to the United states for filming.

In season 30, the Dancing through the Stars cast have 4 judges to impress, as Hough preserved his seat in ~ the table and Goodman is back. Scoring is out of 40 this season rather of the usual 30 points. Because that Hough, there’s just one problem judging this season — having sufficient time to give feedback to the stars. 

“I’m a tiny concerned around how lot time we’ll need to talk,” Hough toldABC‘s brand-new York affiliate. “Only since I already started v that critical season…I have actually so much to say, and also I have so many notes, however it’s live tv so we just have to keep it concise.”

Will Derek Hough dance as a pro companion again top top ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

It’s been 7 seasons since Hough was partnered with a celebrity and involved in theDWTScompetition. Together such, plenty of fans wonder about the possibility of his return together a pro partner.

As far as Hough’s future together a pro, it’ll take the right companion to acquire him ago in the ballroom competitively. “Being a judge is cush,” Hough called Kelly Clarkson. “ I never ever say never. That would have to be the right partner. I’ve constantly said Celine Dion.”

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If Dion ever joins the actors of Dancing with the Stars, fans deserve to expect Hough’s return! for now, catch Hough together a judge in season 30 of DWTS airing Mondays at 8 pm EST top top ABC. Pan can likewise see Hough live in his las Vegas residency native Sept. 22 through Nov. 21.